Watch The 30 Most Romantic Moments In TV History In 4 Minutes

In most movies, after two characters meet cute and their magnetism increases, the audience expects some sort of confession of love. This is a narrative fact. But rarely is it deeply compelling or emotional-investment-worthy — unless there's a particularly strong chemistry between two actors or a really, Oscar-worthy scene. We mean...we've only known the couple for 90 to 210 minutes, tops. How much can we really feel for these broad-stroke characters?
But on the small screen, the tension can build for several episodes, weeks, and entire seasons. We feel betrayed when our favorite couples breakup. We scream at Ross and Rachel when they scream at each other, we can't get over Big as much as Carrie, and the ups and downs of Jim and Pam are more real than any big screen couples around.
So enjoy this killer supercut of the best confessions of love on the small screen courtesy of Flavorwire. We've listed, in order, the TV shows we can recognize — but we can't figure them all out. Can you? Do so in the comments, below!
1. Louis
2. Battlestar Galactica (Your author is a big Kara/Lee 'shipper)
3. Cheers
4. Downton Abbey
5. A Different World 6. True Blood
7. Walking Dead
8. Bored To Death
9. The Wonder Years
10. Girls
11. ???
12. Living Single
13. Gilmore Girls
14. Buffy
15. Moonlighting
16. How I Met Your Mother
17. My So-Called Life
18. ???
19. Parks And Recreation
20. ???
21. Taxi
22. The L Word
23. Pride And Prejudice (The BBC Version)
24. The Office
25. The O.C.
26. Freaks and Geeks
27. Dr. Who
28. Dawson's Creek
29. Star Trek (Original)
30. Friends
31. Sex And The City
32. ???
33. Bored To Death
35. Finally...The X Files
Photo: Via Flavorwire

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