Real-Life Barbie Whitney Port Stars In New Reality Show, Genuine Ken

Whitney Port's been blasted for being a fake intern while she was on The Hills and a fake employee while on The City, so her new role as host of Barbie-branded TV show Genuine Ken isn't too much of a stretch. Representing the OG Fake Lady, Port's new show will bring you eight Hulu episodes of challenges, as men compete to prove that they're real-life Ken dolls. If the challenges went according to what our own Ken dolls did, they'd revolve around bumping plastic uglies with Barbie (Port), being really good at wedging bedroom doors shut, and cross dressing for laughs—but instead, contestants do things like have talent shows, "surf", and complete interior design tasks, which isn't gay at all. It's the search for the Great American Boyfriend, a term that conjures up a bare-chested neutered lumberjack sort of character for us, which is basically what Ken is, so good job Barbie people! The first episode is actually pretty entertaining, and we've included it below for your viewing convenience.

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