Blame Miley: Raver-Girl Beauty Is All The Rage

Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline.
This just in from backstage at Fashion Week: It's not all about moisturizer! That's right: As the month has progressed, we've seen a lot of very inspired — and even downright bizarre — things walking down the runways. And, while most of them are still distinctly wearable (see: the leather-adorned "crocodile tails" at Fendi, the "faux bowls" at Burberry), there were a few shows that were more concerned with being utterly fabulous than being fashionable and chic.
Enter, the Rave Girl: that disruptive, neon light-obsessed, bass-hungry fiend who wants to do nothing but put on an outrageous outfit, cover herself in paint, and dance. Rave is gearing up to be the month's most compelling micro-trend — a knee-jerk reaction to the pretty, perfect looks we're used to seeing. Click through for our favorite moments from backstage, including mohawks, paint splatter, and the wildest wigs ever.