Think you’ve got what it takes to out-polish the competition? Prove it! We’re teaming up with Revlon to find 18 of the most talented nail artists in the country to fight for the right to be our next nail-art star. After an intense nail art battle, our judges will pick one of the 18 contestants who will win an all-expense-paid trip to NYC to star in a four-part video series airing on Refinery29 this summer. The battle begins, now!

Meet the Judges

  • Meet Our Winner

    Ashley Crowe


    And here she is, folks, Refinery29's official queen of the nail artists! Ashley Crowe killed it in all the rounds, but what really sunk it for us was her take on formal nail art that borrowed a page from the look of Delftware. Impressive, young miss. You'll soon be seeing Crowe again when she hosts a four-part series of instructional videos right here on Refinery29.

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