Think you’ve got what it takes to out-polish the competition? Prove it! We’re teaming up with Revlon to find 18 of the most talented nail artists in the country to fight for the right to be our next nail-art star. After an intense nail art battle, our judges will pick one of the 18 contestants who will win an all-expense-paid trip to NYC to star in a four-part video series airing on Refinery29 this summer. The battle begins, now!

Meet the Judges

The Challenge: Summer Florals

The weather is right for floral sundresses, but we're looking for more than pretty petals. We're daring our contestants to go impressionistic, abstract, pointillistic, or basically do whatever it takes with their Revlon Nail Art polishes to create a floral fiesta that puts their grandmother's floral print to shame.

The Contestants

  • Adiel

  • Anisa

  • Anna

  • Ashley

  • Becca

  • Dianna

  • Jilly

  • Kim

  • Lillian

  • Maricela

  • Parris & Kiri

  • Pearl

  • Rachel

  • Sheena

  • Whitney

  • 206

    Adiel Cloud Nuesmeyer


    "Nothing says ‘fun and flirty’ like pretty pinks and bold teal! I started with a teal base, then painted a gradient, floral design of burgundy, pink, and white. I left the tips uncovered for a pop at the end."

  • 262

    Anisa Tavangar


    "The Kousa dogwoods that ring in the summer are my absolute favorite. This design abstracts the shape, turning it more into a geometric pattern than a typical floral for an overall sophisticated look."

  • 2012

    Anna Thornton


    "I've always had trouble with flowers, so I made sure to do a lot of practice before doing this design. The middle two nails are flower petals, and the outer two designs echo the petals and the veins in leaves."

  • 153

    Ashley Crowe


    "I was inspired by Givenchy's birds-of-paradise flower prints. I wanted something bright, so I used white from the Neon collection as the base and picked a small, fine brush to hand-paint the print on the nails."

  • 107

    Becca Chung


    "To recreate a floral frame I saw while thrifting, I hand-painted flowers in Pastel Pink, Pop Art pink, and Ultra Violet, with accenting swirls and leaves in green and blue. I finished it all off with Revlon’s Matte Top Coat."

  • 110

    Dianna Baros


    "Rather than going with the more obvious vibrant hues found in many floral prints, I decided to go soft and ethereal with a pearlescent-daisy design over a nude base. I had summer whites, lace, and outdoor weddings in mind."

  • 2029

    Jilly Miscioscia


    "The easiest way to add some edge to your summer florals: Give them a tie-dye twist! Using Revlon’s Neon nail enamel as a colorful base, I added the delicate floral detail with Revlon’s Expressionist nail-art brush."

  • 1431

    Kim Bui


    "My summer-floral set was inspired by scientific illustrations of tropical flowers and plants. I wanted to use bright colors to emulate fabric-like patterns, vibrant tropical prints, and destination vacations."

  • 1574

    Lillian Hua


    "I’ve always wanted to complete a paint-by-numbers project, and this is my interpretation of coloring within (and sometimes outside) the lines. Revlon’s Matte Top Coat really helps the florals come to life."

  • 1461

    Maricela Garcia


    "I chose to do a simplistic, yet classic, floral nail that's perfect for summer. I love white nails during this season, so naturally, I started with a white base, which allowed the floral design to stand out."

  • 183

    Parris Hodges & Kiri Jones


    "We used all of Revlon’s amazing colors to create this floral nail bomb. The mix of leaves and hibiscus makes us feel like we’ve been transported straight to paradise."

  • 267

    Pearl Ng


    "This darker look transitions your nails from summer to pre-fall. The classic navy base is kept airy with white flowers, highlighted by dainty blue and pink petals. Inspiration from Erdem."

  • 254

    Rachel Nosco


    "I went with a desert-flower/cactus theme for the floral nails. I started with a nude base and used a paintbrush and toothpicks to paint on succulents and flowers."

  • 250

    Sheena Sood


    "I opted to recreate the intricate, floral-embroidery pattern from a South American textile — vines, leaves, abstract flowers, and paisley all translated into nail art."

  • 149

    Whitney Gibson


    "I used the Revlon Matte Top Coat over a black base and added the white flowers. Finally, I put some bright details on two accent nails for a look that's reminiscent of a chalkboard at a sidewalk café."