Think you’ve got what it takes to out-polish the competition? Prove it! We’re teaming up with Revlon to find 18 of the most talented nail artists in the country to fight for the right to be our next nail-art star. After an intense nail art battle, our judges will pick one of the 18 contestants who will win an all-expense-paid trip to NYC to star in a four-part video series airing on Refinery29 this summer. The battle begins, now!

Meet the Judges

The Challenge: White-Hot Neon

It’s summer, the time for all-white outfits and brightly colored accents. For this round, we're asking our combatants to create arresting, original all-day/all-night looks using only white and neon with Revlon Nail Art Neon—no pastels, no darks, no earth tones, and no excuses.

The Contestants

  • Anisa

  • Anna

  • Ashley

  • Dianna

  • Jilly

  • Kim

  • Lillian

  • Parris & Kiri

  • Sheena

  • Whitney

  • 49

    Anisa Tavangar


    "There's nothing more flattering to freshly bronzed skin in the summer than white and neon. Tied this neon patchwork together with white on top to add structure and hide mistakes. It's good for casual beach days or a dinner out."

  • 139

    Anna Thornton


    "I used most of the Revlon Nail Art Neon collection to create a rainbow gradient and added a swirly design in white over the rainbow. This design is a fun way to be the center of attention at any day or night party."

  • 17

    Ashley Crowe


    "For the Neon look, I wanted something fun for festivals and summer. I used a white base and then put on all the colors from the Neon collection to create a tie-dye/watercolor effect. I did the tribal prints with a fine brush."

  • 8

    Dianna Baros


    "Dipping into the Revlon Neon collection, I used a watercolor technique to create my design. It’s playful but also a little edgy. The colors mixed and layered in unique ways for a finished look that says 'organized chaos.'"

  • 122

    Jilly Miscioscia


    "This pattern mix delivers a serious punch, thanks to Revlon’s Neon hues! Bright stripes served as the perfect base for a white Ikat print, creating a luminous, dimensional effect."

  • 74

    Kim Bui


    "I love that you can build up the color and intensity of the neon, so I played around with sheer shapes to give it a glowing or stained-glass look, creating bright, bold blocks of color."

  • 146

    Lillian Hua


    "So hot, it’ll melt your popsicle! I blended the brightest Revlon neons together, and then I thought I’d do a literal interpretation of White-Hot Neon. The neons are just so hot and bright that the white is melting off!"

  • 19

    Parris Hodges & Kiri Jones


    "Summer is all about hot neons in amazing prints. We decided to mash two amazing prints together in all neon colors to create the ultimate summer set of #phancyphalanges."

  • 13

    Sheena Sood


    "I had to include my favorite and signature motif for this challenge — the pineapple. One hand has the neon stalk and the other has a neon-yellow-and-gold pattern. Put them together and you get a pineapple!"

  • 16

    Whitney Gibson


    "For these, I did a look I like to think I’m known for — a painterly gradient. To really give it the illusion of movement, I did the gradients in a diagonal pattern. They really pop!"