Think you’ve got what it takes to out-polish the competition? Prove it! We’re teaming up with Revlon to find 18 of the most talented nail artists in the country to fight for the right to be our next nail-art star. After an intense nail art battle, our judges will pick one of the 18 contestants who will win an all-expense-paid trip to NYC to star in a four-part video series airing on Refinery29 this summer. The battle begins, now!

Meet the Judges

The Challenge: Graphics

Welcome to the games, everyone. To kick things off, we’re asking our challengers to use their Revlon Nail Art polishes to create bold geometric shapes, patterns, and stunning abstract art. An art degree would come in handy right about now.

The Contestants

  • Adiel

  • Anisa

  • Anna

  • Ashley

  • Becca

  • Dianna

  • Jasmine

  • Jilly

  • Kim

  • Lillian

  • Mahwish

  • Maricela

  • Parris & Kiri

  • Pearl

  • Rachel

  • Santina

  • Sheena

  • Whitney

  • 128

    Adiel Cloud Nuesmeyer


    "I created a hand-painted, repeating-cube/diamond pattern, using a color palette of teal, nude, and coral. I love how you can force your brain to see whether the cube 'points' out or in."

  • 351

    Anisa Tavangar


    "I knew that bold shapes and striking colors would be the way to go. The neutral background makes everything pop — important when the shapes are placed in an almost-random way — and doesn't weigh down the pattern."

  • 319

    Anna Thornton


    "Cubism is one of my favorite art movements, so I wanted to do something that focused mainly on lines and color. I created a bold pattern playing the colors of the polishes off each other with a bold, black line separating them."

  • 30

    Ashley Crowe


    "One of my signature nail looks is Art Deco geometric designs, and since Gatsby has been huge lately it was right for this challenge. I did a coat of gray, then added pink for an ombré effect, then did the detailing with an art brush."

  • 68

    Becca Chung


    "I was inspired by the colors of my dress. I used Post Modern pink as a base, and coral and teal for the alternating-chevron-style French tip on either ends of the nail base. I topped it off with accent triangles in dark, royal blue."

  • 10

    Dianna Baros


    "Inspired by Pacific Northwest Native American art (think stylized orca whales in red, white, and black), I created this abstract pattern with Revlon Expressionist polishes. The rich pigments and primary hues worked well, right?"

  • 126

    Jasmine Smith


    "Shy? My tessellation manicure isn’t for you. Draw more than the usual attention to your hands by using Night & Degas and Jackson to create a design that will have you seeing puzzles."

  • 467

    Jilly Miscioscia


    "Inspired by the intricate details and vibrant colors of stained glass, I used Revlon’s boldest and brightest to create an abstract interpretation. The result? Eye-catching nail art to complement any monochrome look!"

  • 180

    Kim Bui


    "I gravitated toward using black and white with highlight colors throughout. From bright summer shades to galaxy-like glitter and a little matte, it was a fun way to try out and incorporate all of the different Revlon polish lines."

  • 614

    Lillian Hua


    "I love bright colors in clothes and on my nails. Add in a graphic, black-and-white pattern, and I’m in heaven. Graphic prints are a challenge, but I love freestyling them and mixing and matching them however I please."

  • 7

    Mahwish Shahid


    "What’s more graphic than comic books? This nail-art look was inspired by comic books and uses fun colors, lines, and shapes to make an eye-popping design! Zap!"

  • 1167

    Maricela Garcia


    "I literally didn’t think when it came to this design. I just ran with it and played around with different geometric shapes and Revlon’s Night & Degas, Trendy, the gray in Pastel Punk, and Optimistic as I went along."

  • 64

    Parris Hodges & Kiri Jones


    "We wanted to use as many of the amazing Revlon duos as possible, and what better way than to create a kaleidoscope of geometric shapes and blazing colors?"

  • 140

    Pearl Ng


    "Geocentric circles in neutral colors highlighted by sea green and black create a bold contrast against a white background. Perfect for a garden party or backyard BBQ! This was inspired by a DvF dress."

  • 8

    Rachel Nosco


    "I taped off sections to create geometric shapes, then used a toothpick to make the little triangles and the glitter polish as an accent."

  • 83

    Santina Brohen


    "Bold black-and-white patterns are everywhere right now, so why not on my nails? Using Revlon’s Nail Art Expressionist polishes, I created intricate, geometric designs over a minty-green base."

  • 44

    Sheena Sood


    "I was inspired to create this look by a stunningly intricate painting by Fred Tomaselli I saw at Frieze Art Fair New York in May. I incorporated all the patterns of the painting on my own nails."

  • 102

    Whitney Gibson


    "I was inspired by '80s sunset vibes, sort of like Miami Vice. I did an ombré first and added the black stripes and a ruffian stripe at the cuticle. I wanted something bold and summery."