The Morning Skin-Care Routines Beauty Editors Swear By

Nighttime skin-care routines tend to get all of the glory in the beauty space. Why? Simply because they're the regimens that are the most product- and treatment-heavy. But that doesn't mean you should discount your morning routine. Quite the opposite — what you put on your face in the a.m. dictates how your makeup, as well as your entire face, will look during the day. Because, let's be real: Not many people see you at night (or maybe they do — live your life, in that case), while plenty of folks do see you during the waking hours.

So we quizzed the editors on our beauty team on the products they use to start their days. Spoiler: These lists are not as intense as our nighttime regimens. (In fact, one of us only uses two products on her skin in the morning.) But they do make our days.