Dance The Night Away In 30 Dresses Under $150

Scenario: Your Google cal says you've RSVP'd to one too many holiday parties, your wallet says you should probably just re-wear whatever's in your closet to every one of them, and your Instagram is begging for a ton of different #OOTDs. After preemptively spending your entire year-end bonus on holiday presents for your loved ones, it's probably tough to find a proper outfit with the pennies left in your bank account. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to getting your dream gown in time for the season (although we recommend trying Barney's ongoing mega-sale). So it's time to start looking to the formalwear underdogs: fast-fashion retailers. While the Zaras of the world are known for carrying trendy denim and bodycon dresses, there are some hidden gems ideal for any event on your list.

Ahead, we've eliminated the hours you'd likely spend scouring the internet and came up with 30 dresses you can stand out in — all for under $150. Let the (shopping) games begin.