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Take This No-Bake Cranberry Pie To All Your Fall Parties

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Guys, pie is kind of the best dessert creation, ever. It delivers the perfect combo of creaminess and crunch in every single bite. That being said, pie-making is not always the easiest skill to master; it's an art that requires serious attention to detail, exact measurements, and baking-temperature intuition. That's why this oven-free pie is perfect for you novice lattice creators out there.

Combine heavy whipping cream, cranberry sauce, vanilla yogurt, and a bit of orange juice, pour it all into a graham cracker crust, top with cranberries and orange zest for a festive garnish, and you've got yourself an amazing no-bake pie. It's perfect for fall, and there's no need to even glance at your oven!

Follow the video above to make this easy cranberry pie dish.

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Easy No Bake Cranberry Pie Recipe Released on September 14, 2016