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A generation that is about upending stereotypes, thwarting convention and claiming power.

This woman doesn't need us to empower her

She is powerful.

At Refinery29, our voice is our power. We have made it our mission to embrace the power of female doers, leaders, and consumers by celebrating their independent spirit through passion, strength, and empathy.

Short Cuts

Leveraging influencers from our own Here & Now talent collective, as well as real women, this dedicated Facebook channel is a DIY-versity of daily tips and tricks that make looking on-point easy. Your beauty's no longer routine.

Sound Off

This series celebrates up and coming musicians as they are making strides across the music industry and how their personal style both permeates and influences their musical ethos.


This dedicated YouTube channel will launch five new series celebrating women in sports. Delivering an unprecedented look behind some of the most accomplished female athletes in the world, it blurs the distinction between strength and beauty. Sweaty never looked so beautiful.


RIOT is a female-first comedy YouTube channel dedicated to scripted and non-scripted video series driven by funny women. Eight series at launch. Talent includes: Phoebe Robinson, Laura Willcox, Shannon Coffey, Jacqueline Novak, Jo Firestone, and Aparna Nancherla.


From writer-director Mia Lidofsky (2015 AFI Directing Workshop for Women) and executive producer Jesse Peretz (Girls, HBO), Strangers is a long-form scripted comedy about one young woman, Isobel Song, as she navigates the most emotionally complicated time in her life, all the while dealing with a revolving door of new guests in her home.

What We Teach Girls

From executive producer Morgan Spurlock comes this long-form global exploration of the lessons and values girls are taught throughout their lives, told through juxtaposing stories of two extraordinary girls from vastly different subcultures.

She wants brands to align with this movement.


say that brands should take a stance and address the issues that matter to women.


enjoy advertisements that challenge stereotypes about women.


are more likely to purchase from brands that align with her values.

THe Power of R29

Since NewFronts last year, 15B seconds of R29 video were consumed on Facebook and YouTube.

That's about 4.2M hours.

Our video views have increased 1,005% across R29 platforms YOY.

This woman's time is scarce—and she's spending it here.

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