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This Is What Hair Will Look Like In The Future

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    Illustrated by Anna Sudit.



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    Every season, we spot recycled trends coming down the runway. We’ve heard (and, hey, reported on) about how hot the bob is and how to perfect your ponytail. We’ve even quaked in fear at the mere mention of the return of the perm. But, we have to say, we’re tired of the same old, same old.

    That’s exactly why we turned to the movers and shakers of the hair industry to reveal some trends that feel really sparkly and new. And, we decided to pick their brains about where hair is headed. We’re not here to spew the same tired trends you’ve heard about a hundred times before. Instead, we’re talking about product innovations, new technologies, hair customization, and even something called textured hair dye. Yes, people. The future is happening all around us, and it’s looking pretty damn bright — or, at least, not ombré.

    Click through to peek into our crystal ball and see what the next generation of hair holds, straight from the people who are going to bring us into it. If anything, you’ll know your hair will look #flawless while you’re flying around in your hovercraft.

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