10 Genius Gadgets Every Brit Girl Needs

Okay, okay, so maybe you still haven't set your clocks forward to reflect Daylight Savings Time. But that doesn't mean you're not permanently glued to your iPhone, or that you don't have a pet name for your laptop or consider anyone who isn't on WhatsApp to be a troglodyte of the highest order.
Truth is, every modern British girl needs a few geek-chic toys to keep her life humming along, whether it's a digital camera that fits in her pocket or an app that keeps her from having a total meltdown at work.
With that in mind, we've quizzed Britain's top tech experts — from journos to start-up queens — to weigh in on the gizmos they swear by. What can we say? We're fools for these tech tools.
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"My must-have daily gadget is the Nike+ FuelBand. I love the design of it, but it's a great motivational device, too. I wear it every day and constantly check to see how active I have been. It uses a 3-axis accelerometer to measure all movement, and lets you set your own daily target in fuel points (Nike's own system). If I find toward the end of the day that I haven't reached my goal, I am motivated enough to be more active in order to achieve it."

—Pollyanna Woodward, presenter of Channel 5's "The Gadget Show"

Nike+ FuelBand, £129, available at Nike.
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"I must give huge props to SwiftKey. It makes typing on a phone so much faster, and really gets to know the words and phrases I use frequently. It saves me a huge amount of time and frustration."

—Elizabeth Varley, co-founder and CEO of TechHub

SwiftKey, £2.99 for tablets, available at Google Play.
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"The Pebble watch is my favourite gadget of the moment. It's technology that really makes a difference to my life. Whether I have my phone at the bottom of my bag or I am in the bath, I know exactly who wants to get in touch with me and who is priority. It makes my life just that bit easier."

—Belinda Parmar, CEO of Lady Geek and the author of "Little Miss Geek"

Pebble smartwatch, $150 USD (international shipping available), available at Pebble.
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"My newest geeky tool is Evernote. I have an endless list of to-dos that grows daily. Evernote lets me create my virtual lists, I can sync them across my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook, prioritise them, and satisfyingly cross them out just like in the old days of pen and paper! Plus, I can use their web clipper to save any article to read for later. It helps me to create some much-needed brain space!"

—Avid Larizadeh, co-founder of Boticca.com

Evernote, free, available for Android and iPhone.
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"One thing that makes my heart beat faster is my new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 camera. It is very small (the size of a credit) and super-slim, which is perfect for those small party handbags or girls' pockets! It is also waterproof, dust-proof, freeze-proof, and shock-proof — something that every girl needs, especially for the festival season. I played with it at a conference recently and have completely fallen in love."

—Marta Datkiewicz, head of product at SecretSales.com

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 camera, £299, available at Sony.
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"Hailo is one of my favorite apps of the moment (besides Lulu, of course!). You can grab a cab with two taps on your phone, pay by credit card, and they'll even email you a receipt! It's super-easy to operate on any smart phone. I'd recommend it to any woman out there who's ever struggled to hail a taxi. No more worrying about fighting for a ride while juggling your purse, briefcase, gym bag...all in heels, no less! It's an effortless way to get around London."

—Alexandra Chong, founder and CEO of Lulu

Hailo taxi app, free, available on Android and iPhone.
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"I've been using a Fitbit lately for exercise, and it's very cool. I'm really into data, especially when it is empowering (makes sense with my day job), so I'm finding it fascinating and useful to see the stats on how much exercise I've done, and how many calories that I've burned, collected automatically and visualised really well."

—Julia Fowler, co-founder of Editd

Fitbit Zip, £39.99, available at PC World.
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"This is one for any self-respecting gadget girl, for work and play: the Spiderpodium by Breffo. It's really handy and has eight spidery legs so you can attach, secure, or position your smartphone or tablet (even your drink!) onto a variety of surfaces. It looks pretty quirky, too!. Oh, and they also make a cool camera kit if you're into photography."

—Nikki Moore, "Gadget Girl" on TV and radio and founder of GirlGeekChic

Spiderpodium, £14.95-£24.95, available at Breffo.
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"I am also completely addicted to my Kindle — I hardly go anywhere without it. I now have the Paperwhite and it is my third model, as I upgrade them whenever a new one is in. I love the convenience of having my entire library on one small device. Whatever I am in the mood for — non-fiction, a little bit of romance, news, or magazines — it's all there in my bag! I also send some work-related articles, PDFs, and long emails there as well, as it is much easier to read with their e-ink technology than on a bright screen that I've been staring at all day."

—Marta Datkiewicz, head of product at SecretSales.com

Kindle Paperwhite, £109, available at Amazon.
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"For any girl always on the gogogo who wishes she knew a little more about her health life than 'I need coffee' (that's me), the Jawbone Up is a wristband and app that monitors everything you do from exercise during the day to sleep patterns at night. Now, you can really test that theory that eating lots of carbs at night actually helps you sleep like a hibernating bear cub."

—Rebecca Glenapp, co-founder of Lux-Fix.com

Jawbone Up, £99.99, available at Jawbone.