6 Items We Can Never Resist At Target

It’s a classic tale: A woman innocently stops by Target to replenish her toothpaste and cotton swab supply, but along the way to the toiletry aisle something powerful compels her to the shoe section, and then the home décor section, and soon enough, she's walking out of the store $100 poorer. Sound familiar? Whether you hate it or love it, overspending at Target is something we're all guilty of, but there are a few items that I think are always worth the impulse buy. For my guide to shopping at Target like a pro, read on.
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Target has a way of being trendy in such a great way (Peter Pilotto, anyone?), but there are also some more functional pieces that are always worth the buy, like this bucket bag. The long strap and brown color make it the perfect candidate for an everyday carryall.

Target Embossed Bucket Handbag in Brown, $26.99, available at Target.
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One of the big reasons I love Target is they always have really fun, playful items like these adult footie pajamas in an assortment of colors and animals (!).

Nick & Nora Women's Footie Pajama in Monkey Stripe, $20, available at Target
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I always tell myself I’m just going to take a little “peek” at the shoe section. No harm done, right? Wrong. The first things I noticed were these amazing booties. One of each in my size, please!

Merona Kailey Ankle Boot with Buckles in Black, $27.99, available at Target.
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When it comes to Target, home goods are their specialty. I’ve never thought I needed a bar set, but after seeing a brass fox set replete with shakers, glasses, and this rustic serving tray, I realized there is nothing else in the world I'd need more.

Threshold Decorative Serving Tray with Fox Handles, $29.99, available at Target.
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I have several hats from Target that I wear constantly. They last and they look exactly like the ones you pay double the price for at boutiques.

Mossimo Supply Co. Floppy Leather Tie Hat in Black, $13.60, available at Target.
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It’s so hard for me to pass the candle aisle without thinking, “Yes, I definitely need a new candle.” They might not be mandatory, but scented candles just make every room more delightful. And the price point of these make 'em so much more palatable to stock up on.

Target Unscented Container Candle, $12.49, available at Target.

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