Skeletons, Puppies, And Baby Heads? Meet Jewelry-Haven Verameat

Rather than opting for large and flashy baubles, I like to keep it simple and wear pieces I really love, like the delicate designs of Verameat. Its signature pieces include rings featuring skeletons, puppies, astronauts, and baby heads — none of which ever leave my fingers. Vera Buyalara, designer behind the brand, leaves no idea unexplored. She currently has three stores in the U.S., and I got a chance to sit down with New York's East Village store manager, Lexi to chat about the ins and outs of the brand and its inspiration, ahead.
Photo: Courtesy of Verameat.
Is the jewelry made on site at the stores?
"The jewelry is made in New York by Vera."
Does Vera Buyalara make every single piece?
"Yeah, we have a studio in New York and she makes all the pieces."
What’s your favorite part about working for Verameat?
"Verameat is an awesome brand to work with in general. The jewelry obviously draws you in initially because of the edgy and interesting design. It’s such an addiction — once you have one piece you just want more. We have a lot of good girls that work here and I love working with Vera. There are always fun ideas."
Do you have anything super special in the works right now?
"We have some cat bags that are limited edition. We also have a Galaxy collection, which is the only gold series we do. They’re the first 'collection' by Verameat and we have just a few in each style."
Photo: Courtesy of Apneet Kaur.
I’ve been hearing a lot about a road trip via your social media channels. Can you tell me more?
"Vera and creative director Meghan are taking a road trip and shooting a feature film in the process. It’s pretty exciting. We’re hosting some surprise sales that we’ll announce on Twitter to get the word out."
What is one thing you would say that makes Verameat totally unique?
"The designs. We have such interesting pieces and different collections like the spine series. The anatomical jewelry charms are my favorite. Also you can’t really tell what you’re looking at until you get up close to it."
You have to really hold the jewelry and put it on to see what it’s all about. The designs are dainty but still so edgy.
"I agree. At the same time, we have something for everyone. We have things that anyone can pull off. We also have hearts and feathers, which are more classic designs."
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Photo: Courtesy of Apneet Kaur

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