Going Out? Ditch Your Purse For A Knapsack

WebPhoto: Courtesy of Kyle Brown-Watson. Western hat, Shipley & Halmos silk dress, ASOS Cut Out Boots, vintage bag, Sorrelli cuff.
Though NYC is known for its nightlife and party scene, the last place you'll see me at is a club. I wholeheartedly prefer dives, local-frequented late-night eateries, and hotel bars. Such being the case, it's easy for me to take my laidback style into the night, which requires little more than the addition of a swipe of lipstick and maybe a piece of jewelry. And heck, I even take my day backpack straight to cocktail hour!
This little piece of leather slung across my shoulder has pockets and storage space, which I prefer to a smaller cross-body or clutch. In my backpack I can store disposable film cameras, along with the usual purse suspects: my phone, lipstick, and keys.
It's so much easier to dance the night away in a lightweight pack than to hold onto a clutch. Dare to give it a go? Try taking a backpack to your next evening outing and tell me how it goes.
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