A Sixties Revival Comes Alive In This Sleek 'Do


Name: Alexandra Kleeman

Occupation: Writer/Grad Student

Age: 25

Website/Twitter handlekleeman.tumblr.com

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Favorite childhood hairdo: "French braid, with animal-shaped barrettes."

Secret styling weapon: "I carry a small hairbrush with boar and plastic bristles all times—I use it for secret emergency teasings and sometimes to smooth over the surfaces of big tangles. I also use Aveda's Volumizing Elixir every morning, which gives the brush something to work with if I decide I need volume in a hurry."

What do you love most about your hair?: "It's very fine and soft when it's taken care of, and I can get lots of waves just by putting it up tightly and letting it air dry."

What drives you nuts?: "My hair develops tangles like crazy—I get them when I sleep, when I read, and when sitting perfectly still. I have a detangling comb that I use right after I get out of the shower, and I always try to sleep with my hair up so that it has less of a chance of getting into trouble."

Dream 'do?:  "Debbie Harry's black-and-platinum streaks from the Robert Mapplethorpe portrait. She looks simultaneously like she's from the past and the future!"

What's a hair move you've always been curious about but have been afraid to try?:  "Ever since I was in high school, I've wanted to try being platinum blonde, a near-unattainable color for my hapa hair. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about bleaching the tips–even if the blonde parts crumbled into dust, I'd have a decent bob left!"

If your hair had a horoscope, what would it be?:  "I'm a Pisces, and I'm pretty sure my hair is too—sensitive, changeable, water-loving."

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