A Dude's First Suit: 5 Tips To Picking The Right One

Many, many men have sent me emails and frantic texts over the years letting me know they MUST get a suit for that job interview, a friend's wedding, a Mighty Mighty Bosstones cover band show, and the only suit you have was when you participated in high school debate in a too-big pair from The Men's Warehouse. Perhaps you have one of these events coming up soon, too. Step one: Don't freak out.
I am such a nerd for the stuff I really could go of for days about slanted pockets and donegal tweeds and rolling 3/2 natural shouldered sack suits, but here is my five-point plan for finding a suit that works for you. Just remember it's about FIT, FIT, FIT and understand the sartorial meanings of color and details like pockets and buttons. And once you get it, really wear your suit. It'll look dope once it has been mussed up a bit. Let's do this!

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