This Minimalist Guesthouse Looks Just As Sleek Inside & Out

By Assia

This minimalistic 172-square-foot guesthouse by Danish architect Martin Kallesø is situated in a large summer cottage area in Præstø, an enclave on the southeast coast of Sjælland island, in Denmark. With a modern, sleek interior and exterior, it blends perfectly with the nature surrounding it.

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This new guesthouse, like many summer cottages in the area, is made of timber. To add more living space to their home, the owners decided to build an addition for their guests.
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Since privacy is key, the owners chose a shape that would allow the guest house to be hidden from the surrounding neighbors.
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The large bay that hangs off the side can be used as both a sitting and reading area.
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The quaint space is large enough to hold a double bed and a built-in wardrobe, and the matte veneer sheets covering the walls give the space a warm, yet spacious, feel.

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To get maximum sunlight, the roof is slightly tilted to the one side and includes a westward window facing the sky.
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Minimal art and furniture make the space appear larger.
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While it seems small on the outside, the interior space can comfortably house a couple.

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