This Teeny-Tiny Apartment Had Us At The Green Shelving

By Assia

Find cozy comfort and high style in this 355-square-foot home located in Stockholm, Sweden. With open spaces, combined living features, and clean, modern architecture, this home looks and feels anything but small. Lots of light and well-organized details help ensure that this space is as functional as it is tiny.
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The herringbone-style hardwood floors help make the house appear larger than it actually is. The use of cool colors (see the turquoise table/stool and red-seated desk chair) and white throughout the home gives the illusion of extra space.
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The apartment's clean lines may provide a minimalist look, but it's the pops of color on the stool and in the decorative pillows that keep the room bright and cheery.
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To double up on space, a desk lives underneath the sleeping loft, which is accessible by a ladder.

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These shelves not only add some color, but they also serve as necessary storage.
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This rustic, space-saving desk holds items that enhance the room's design and add a dash of character.
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Utilizing the space beneath the loft helps keep the apartment uncluttered and airy — plus, it's cozy. What's better than a work nook like this one?
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It may be really tiny, but the kitchen houses everything you need to cook a meal (and we're not just talking about a microwave).
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To help save space, every inch of the kitchen's walls are used for storage. A simple magnetic strip holds pans and knives, to free up the cabinets.
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Long, straight floorboards like these help elongate the look of the hallway, which leads to more open space.
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Live plants are a must, no matter how big or small your space is.
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We love the pretty, tiled bathroom — notice the plant in the mirror?
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The shower tower takes up minimal space on the wall and provides maximum function with a thermostatic valve and adjustable shower head.
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Since the floor is sloped, there's no need for a shower curtain or door.

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