Your July Love Horoscope, Revealed

They say love doesn't come with an instruction manual. But what if you could write one? On July 20, romantic Venus will flow into a supportive 120-degree angle (called a trine) with wise, mature Saturn. In this formation, the energies of the planets combine beautifully, sounding the call for both playfulness and structure. Does that sound like a paradox? It may not be. In order to thrive, relationships require clear agreements and a sense of where your limits and boundaries lie. Sure, this could bring up some heavy conversations, but leaving things up to chance is a far riskier option. Assumptions and guesswork rarely do much to build a bond. Hey, there's no "right" way to do love, but configuring a formula that works for you and your other half can be done. With diplomatic Venus working her magic, these conversations are bound to bring you closer. Think of it as creating a safe container for love to thrive. When you know what and whom you're working with, you can choose how far you want to go. And if you can get on the same page as bae, you'll have a wide-open space to relax and open your heart.


There’s nothing wrong with rocking the rose-colored aviators as the sun drifts through your fantasy-fueled 12th house this month. Drop your guard and let people in, but do run background. Under these quixotic skies, you'll want to believe the best in people, even if they don't deserve it. On July 4, under the beams of a new moon, you could finally celebrate your independence from a toxic ex. Or you might meet someone who literally sweeps you off your statement sandals. Near the 6th, a female friend could make the fateful introduction to your future amour. Stay open to suggestions!

Then, on the 12th, romantic Venus makes her annual visit to Leo, lighting you up with a radiant glow for the rest of July. Take the lead in love and be more outspoken about your desires. When master planner Saturn forms a helpful trine (120-degree angle) to Venus on the 20th, you could make some rock-solid commitments about the future — or even wind up with a rock on a certain finger. Don’t forget to make time for your own interests, too. With the sun heading into Leo for a month on the 22nd, your birthday season begins, and even the most love-struck among us will need a longer leash.
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Photographed by Nick Eucker; Styled by Laura Pritchard; Hair by Peter Matteliano at Kate Ryan and Maggie Connolly at Utopia; Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Nails by Yuki Miyakawa at Kate Ryan; Set Design by Hans Maharawal; Modeled by Iuliia Danko for NEXT Management. Model wearing Sharon Wang dress, Bing Bang ear cuff, Annelise Michelson ring, and model's own earrings.