Ditch These 9 Bad Shopping Habits Before You Turn 30

Illustration by Sydney Hass.
By Natasha Burton
It’s holiday shopping time, and you know what that means: It’s time to talk strategy.
No, not the kind that will help you beat out the throngs of crazed shoppers to score the best deals on this year’s hottest gifts.
We’re talking about a strategy session to help you kick the not-so-stellar shopping habits you may have built up over the years — and adopt some savvier ones instead.
And, although everyone could probably benefit from a smart-spending lesson or two, today, we’re talking to you 20-somethings. While you haven’t had all that much time as an adult to establish your shopping routines and habits, you’ve had enough time to start developing some.
To make sure you’re setting yourself up for financial success in the decades to come, we rounded up five money experts to share their top shopping tips for reforming the most common bad consumer habits.