Lauren Conrad Shares Her Holiday Playlist

From her laid-back, effortless style to a fresh, ahead-of-the-trend beauty aesthetic, Lauren Conrad is a girl after our own heart. So, each week, the born-and-bred California girl and editor-in-chief of will share with us her insider secrets and personal musings. Plus, check out her visually stunning guest pinning here! Next up, a festive holiday playlist to get you in the spirit.
Here at nothing puts us in the holiday spirit quite like the seasonal sounds of festive holiday music. In light of this, today we’ve listed our top 10 favorite holiday tunes for 2013. Check them out below and be sure to give our complete Holiday Playlist a listen, too!
1. Zee Avi, "No Christmas For Me"
2. James Taylor, "Winter Wonderland"
3. She & Him, "Baby, It’s Cold Outside"
4. The Beach Boys, "Little Saint Nick"
5. Jack Johnson, "Someday At Christmas"
6. Eartha Kitt, "Santa Baby"
7. Sufjan Stevens, "Sister Winter"
8. Michael Bublé, "All I Want for Christmas"
9. Paul McCartney, "Wonderful Christmastime"
10. Andrew Bird, "Auld Lang Syne"
For our complete holiday playlist that includes everything from throwbacks such as B-Spears, Mariah, and N*Sync to classics like Elvis, Frank Sinatra and more, click here!
What is your favorite holiday tune?
XO Team LC

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