8 Places To Be A Pasta Monster — Nom Nom NOM!

Okay, so you're not exactly "running" the New York City Marathon on Sunday, but pop culture has taught us that if we can't be athletes, we can be athlete...supporters. So, in honor of our intrepid New Yorkers who will brave the terrain, we're going to join them in the preparatory, celebratory carb overload. Sure, being a pasta monster isn't an easy job, but someone's gotta do it. Here, the best places 'round town to get your chow on.
embedsirioPhoto: Courtesy of Sirio.
If the Bucatini alla Amatriciana (featured left) served with onion, tomato, Guanciale‌ bacon, and Pecorino romano doesn't make your mouth water, perhaps the poached Maine lobster over tagliatelle or the ricotta gnocchi will do the trick. Trust, there isn't a menu item in sight that could disappoint that Italian craving.
Sirio, 795 5th Avenue (between E. 60th and E. 61st streets); (212) 940-8195.
Tommy Lasagna
With a selection of nine different lasagna dishes, plus myriad other options including Lobster Mac and Cheese, Tommy Lasagna will probably send you into a cheesy, carb coma — sounds like our kind of Friday night.
Tommy Lasagna, 119 E. 18 St (between Irving Place and Park Avenue); 212-228-3494.
Giovanni Rana
This Chelsea eatery makes its pasta fresh in-house to al dente perfection. Try the lobster ravioli or the spinach and mascarpone ravioli for a truly satiating meal.
Gionvanni Rana 75 9th Avenue (between W. 15th and W. 16th streets); (212) 370-0975.
To indulge your hankering for Italian food in the East Village, venture over to Spina. Bonus: They have an entire category of "brunch pasta," which we didn't know was a thing, but are so happy it exists.
Spina, 175 Avenue B (at E. 11th Street); (212) 253-2250.
Eataly.Manzo.VirginiaRollison10Photo: Courtesy of Eataly.
Technically, there are several restaurants in this Flatiron hot spot, but that just makes it all the more appealing. Consider this your permission to do a pasta crawl, with minimal walking.
Eataly 200 5th Avenue (between W. 24th and W. 25th streets); (212) 229-2560.
Honestly, we're hitting up Bianca for their traditional lasagna, which is essentially layers of pasta that need to be in our lives.
Bianca 5 Bleecker Street #1 (between Bowery and Lafayette Street); (212) 260-4666.
Frank's handmade ravioli is everything. If you're not too full afterward, we also recommend finishing the meal with homemade tiramisu.
Frank 88 2nd Avenue (between E. 5th and E. 6th streets); (212) 420-0202.
Food Hall at The Plaza
Todd English wasn't kidding around with this one. Though you could technically get anything from sushi to hamburgers at the Food Hall, we obviously recommend hitting up the pasta station. This is for the luxe pasta monster in you, or the Home Alone enthusiast.
Food Hall 1 W. 59th Street (at 5th Avenue); (212) 986-9260.

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