Instead Of Ordering Takeout, Make These Spicy Vietnamese Rolls

Photo: Courtesy of Impatient Foodie.
In times when it feels like you have no anchor, the only thing you can do is put out an S.O.S. and turn to friends for comfort and care — and to remind you to laugh (and to eat). In the midst of my summer storms, I have felt overwhelmed by gratitude for my closest friends, who threw me a lifeline and rallied around me in the most incredible, loving, and generous way. Is it weird to say that I feel proud of myself for having drawn these people around me over the years?

One such friend is Summer Rayne Oakes. Trying to define Summer would be like trying to “put the ocean in a paper cup” in the words of Ani Difranco. She’s a writer, a filmmaker, the host of a podcast, an entrepreneur, and occasionally she dresses up as her superhero alter ego. She’s also an incredible cook, an advocate for good food and health, and a tireless leader in the fight to change our broken food system. She recently helped launch Good Eggs, the first-ever farmers'-market-meets-online-grocer. These are her Vietnamese Rolls.

They are light and fresh-tasting, and they take almost no time to make; they’re perfect for Impatient Foodies on a humid September day.

Summer's Hamachi-Jalapeño Roll

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Vietnamese brown-rice wrappers
Pea shoots
1/2 oz. hamachi
Jalapeño (with seeds), sliced in thin rounds
1 Granny Smith apple
1 carrot
1 cucumber
Arugula microgreens
1 tbsp fermented, unpasteurized soy sauce

1. Soak the hamachi in fermented, unpasteurized soy sauce for 2-3 minutes.

2. Slice up a jalapeno (just make sure you don’t rub your eyes!)

3. Matchstick the granny smith, carrot, and cucumber, and grab a leaf or two of mint.

4. Place fish and 1-2 slices of jalapeño in the wrap, plus 3-4 carrot matchsticks, 3-4 cucumber matchsticks, 3-4 apple matchsticks, and a some pea shoots.

5. Roll it up. Top with some arugula microgreens and serve immediately.

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