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How A Design Pro Does IKEA

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    My DIY obsession is second nature to me and has nothing to do with frugality. If I fix a leaky faucet in my house, it's to save money. But, if I stay up all night drawing lines on a tabletop? It's for the rush of turning an idea in my head into something real.

    For my clients, I have the great privilege of working with extremely talented craftsmen and using custom pieces and bespoke finishes to create one-of-a-kind results. But, in my own home, I keep my decor low tech. My definition of success is refinement. If I draw on my drapes and they look more polished, then I feel triumphant. And, typically, one winning project spins off into others as I learn more about what I like as I complete them.

    Right now, I can't get enough of nylon rope, waterproof metal tape, Tyvek house wrap, and binder clips. And, the home-decor updates I've been able to craft with them are, indeed, refined. Click through to see what I was able to create with these wares and some great pieces of IKEA furniture.

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