This Glee-Inspired Proposal Scores Major Adorable Points

Sadly, I barely recall the first time I met Jackie at a popular local gay club. I was having a great time with my girls dancing the night away! Our paths crossed again a few times in the social scene, and whenever we saw each other out and about, Jackie was pretty “full court press” about getting my attention.
At the bar, she would tell the bartender to take care of my tab and my friends’ tab. She was a publicist at the time and would often invite my friends and me to red carpet events, and even flew us all to Vegas to work an event. In my eyes, Jackie was always a friend. But, during our three years of friendship, Jackie was relentless. She gives whole new meaning to the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
I recall one particular time, she sent a flower arrangement the size of a preschooler to my apartment. Three years later, we ended up hosting a birthday event for a mutual friend of ours. We both happened to be single this time and I started to see a different Jackie. I was beyond surprised that behind all the big talk was a kind-hearted, protective, and extremely selfless person. As we began to spend more time together, my heart opened and I fell head over heels for her.
We confess, we're total saps when it comes to love. So, when we stumbled upon HowHeAsked, a site that features some seriously heart-warming proposal stories from newly engaged couples, we were hooked. Every week, we'll be featuring one of their tear-jerkers, curated by the couples themselves — even if she did the asking.
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It was Easter Sunday and my mom had been in town, visiting, all week. One of my best friends insisted on taking me out for a belated birthday brunch so that she could see my mom. Jackie was off with her family for church (or so I thought). Once brunch was over, my friend said she had one more surprise and that I had to wear a blindfold. Laughing, I obliged. Turns out she forgot the blindfold so she put a blanket over my head instead.

Not knowing where we were going, I tried to pester my friend and mother to give up the goods, but they were tight-lipped all the way. Once we arrived to the destination, my friend and mom helped me shuffle my way along until I was told to remove the blanket. After I focused on where I was, I saw Jackie standing before me in a Dalton Warbler uniform (inspired by a scene in Glee). Also, I saw six girls dressed in a similar fashion. Before I knew it, Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” as performed by Darren Criss was playing on loud speakers and Jackie and these “Warblers” began dancing in unison. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!
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Jackie goes all out of for my birthday, but this was insane, even for her!
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Toward the end of the song, all our friends, family, and even our dogs seemed to stream out of nowhere. The song then changed to “Rainbow Connection,” one for my favorite songs as I am a huge Muppets and Jim Henson fan. During the song, we greeted everyone with hugs and kisses.
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Once we finished, we were at a white gazebo with a table. On top of the table I spied a small blue box, and then it hit me what was really going on.
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Jackie got down on one knee and proceeded to make all my dreams come true. When she asked me to marry her, I could barely choke out a “yes” before tears started to flow.
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It was a moment filled with such love. We were so blessed to share it was our closest friends and family.

Click here for the adorable video of the proposal!