DIY Skin Care For Winter Woes

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    The past few months of arctic temperatures and endless snow have been brutal for our skin. From the icy wind slapping our faces to heavy boots suffocating our feet, we're pretty sure we've landed on an all-time skin-care low. And, as we squeeze out the final drops of our moisturizers, we've realized it's time to take our routines to the next level. We need to give our skin what store-bought products cannot provide: homemade, DIY goodness.

    So, we teamed up with Tina Judén, the director of LUSH Spas in North America, who taught us how to whip up indulgent skin-care treatments that are as effective as they are aromatic. Using common household ingredients, we blended and stirred until we had yummy concoctions to alleviate every single one of our skin complaints.

    Click through to learn about the creations.

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