Could This Artist-Slash-Designer's Home Be Any More Flawless?

Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Home on the Runway — the brainchild of NYC-native Fanny Zigdon — fuses fashion with interior design by focusing on the attainable. With a commitment to celebrate good taste regardless of geography, HOTR has talked shop with everyone from an artisanal candle maker to a pair of lighting-designer brothers, sparking the curiosity in us all. Talk about versatile.
This lady may have been born in Sydney, Australia, but she is living her dream in NYC (well, and London). Anna Coroneo is inspired constantly by her surroundings and its evident in they way she infuses them into her designs; she distinguishes herself as an artist as well as a designer, often using her artwork as the inspiration for prints that are translated across various avenues of design, including fashion, interiors, stationary, and accessories (the girl does it all!). Anna uses bold colors and vivacity in her artwork that often reference her botanical and marine life inspirations, as well as her vivacious and charming personality.
Anna describes the Anna Coroneo girl as "confident, colorful, charismatic, sassy, kind, and generous. She loves to love and she loves to laugh.” Anna’s bubbly and warm-hearted nature is sincere, inspiring and justifies the success she's received. After positions at Harper’s Bazaar, Theory, and Henri Bendel, Anna launched her own collection that correlates her worlds art and fashion.
With collections sold at exclusive boutiques worldwide, including Henri Bendel in New York and Net-a-Porter, she's entered the golden gates of fashion. With that, ladies and gents, I introduce you to the world of Anna Coroneo.
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Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Home On The Runway: What inspires your creative process?
Anna Coroneo: "I am constantly inspired by vibrant patterns and textures in both the natural and built environments. I enjoy exploring botanical and marine life inspirations, which I often contrast with references to the manmade world. Whilst my paintings frequently juxtapose intricate brushstrokes with an intense use of bold colour, my photographs tend to highlight natural textures and shapes from an abstract perspective. My creative process often involves breaking down the barriers across art and design disciplines, by adapting my artworks and translating them across various media."

How do fashion trends inspire your collections?
"As an artist, my work is very much influenced by my surroundings. I find that I am drawn to certain colors, textures and themes on my own accord and don’t really pay much attention to trends."
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Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Who is your fashion icon?
"Sonia Delaunay — a true inspiration who merged art, fashion and textiles."

In which fashion designer’s home can you see your collection?
"I could see my designs in the homes of anyone who appreciates color, vibrancy, and a sense of whimsical fun! I admire Diane von Fursterberg and Miuccia Prada for their flair and creativity, particularly with prints."

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Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
How would you describe your fashion style?
"I have a real weakness for very feminine dresses and large sunglasses, too! I love to wear all black and accessorize with a bright scarf from my collection."
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Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Do you incorporate fashion in your home?
"I enjoy translating my prints onto fabrics for home furnishings including curtains, bedding, cushions, wall paper and tiles. We are renovating our home in London at the moment, and I am designing some printed tiles for our kitchen and matching mugs and plates.

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"In our apartment in Tribeca, my artwork is in every room — I cannot fully commit to where I want to hang some of my paintings, so they have been leaning against the walls for a very long time and I often switch things around."
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Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
What decorating style do you see your collection incorporated into?
"I feel that my style is quite contemporary yet timeless, and I hope that my designs will be appreciated in years to come."
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Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Who decorated your home?
"I decorated my home, though often my husband and I enjoy choosing many things together. I really enjoy collecting things over time and on our travels. My husband has a great ability to find special items: He bought a pair of the most beautiful silver palm-tree candelabra recently, which I just love!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Home On The Runway.
Do you have any decorating secrets or styling tips?
"Lighting — My husband and I are huge fans of the lighting designer, Ingo Maurer. We have a whimsical and fun Ingo Maurer light at the entrance of our apartment in NYC. We also recently purchased a very special and elegant Mazzega murano glass vintage chandelier for our home that we are currently renovating in London. It is a listed early Victorian terrace and we are enjoying hunting for antiques with flair. There are many interesting lights that can be found in antique stores or on eBay — feature lights are always a statement and can really define a space. I also love fresh flowers to brighten up a room. Mixed bright colored roses, peonies, strelitzias, hydrangeas, and gardenias are my favorite blooms."

"Also, styling your home with scarves: I have many clients who like to frame my Italian-made silk scarves and hang them in their homes as artworks. My scarves are available now at Net-a-Porter and Bloomingdale’s."

How would you describe your collection?
"Charismatic, fun, bold, vibrant, colorful, and very unique. I hope that one can walk into a room and immediately recognize my designs/artworks. I endeavor to have a strong point of view in my work and a distinctive aesthetic."

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