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The Best Headphones For YOUR Needs

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    Gone are the days when Apple earbuds were the only audio accessory in your purse. More and more people are opting for headphones rather than ‘buds when they want to listen to music, both at work, and on the go. But for women in particular, headphones can pose some problems.

    Depending on the style, some headphone models can be really uncomfortable. If you wear chunky earrings or glasses, some styles may press them painfully into your skull. And if you wear foundation and blush, it’s a huge pain when you realize your headphones have smeared it or wiped it off your face following your morning conference call. Is it too much to ask for headphones that look good, sound good, feel good, and don’t cost a fortune?

    First, some background. There are two main styles of headphones: on-ear and over-ear. On-ear headphones have pads that sit right on top of your outer ear, hence the name. They direct sound straight into the ear canal, and are typically smaller in size (read: more portable) than over-ear models. This type of headphone is best if you don’t want your makeup smudged.

    Over-ear headphones have larger ear cups that are designed to fit all the way around your ears, encapsulating them. Because of this, audio often sounds more natural than an on-ear or in-ear model, and they’re more comfortable for all-day wear. But, because the pads rest above, below, and beside your ears, they may not work as well if you wear dangly earrings. They're also typically more expensive.

    We’ve rounded up seven pairs of headphones that should provide a comfortable listening experience, no matter what your unique facial and ear situation might be. Read on for our top picks, and feel free to share your favorite headphones in the comments.

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