Crazy Hair Treatments That Promise You A Model-Worthy Mane

Lately we've been seeing a lot of new hair care launches that promise to give you the gorgeous hair of your dreams. Want shiny, thick, long locks? There's a pill for that. Sick of your fine, thinning hair? There's totally a gadget that will treat it. Here, we rounded up the latest new gizmos, creams, and supplements that claim to cure what ails your damaged, dreary 'do. Peep the products, then tell us in the comments if you think these are the new frontier in hair treatments or if they're just a load of hooey.
Photographed by Ryan Koopmans
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Tailor-Made Treatments

This in-salon treatment boasts a customizable "dose" that can be tailored to your specific hair needs. A stylist assesses your hair type and from there, chooses one of four treatments bases, combining it with one of four intensifying boosts. The theory is that someone with color-treated hair might also be dealing with dryness, or someone suffering from thin hair might also want to increase shine — the mix-and-match approach lets the stylist tackle a multitude of concerns. After our treatment cocktail of strength and shine, we definitely noticed our hair looked bouncier, softer, and shinier, and was loads more manageable. Not too shabby for $25!

Kérastase Fusio-Dose, $25 and up, Kérastase for salons.

Photo: Courtesy of Kérastase
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Miracle Grow

We had our doubts when we saw this so-called miracle hair-growth pill, but after hearing myriad endorsements from celebrity stylists and top models alike, we had to give it a shot. It features a marine-based complex made up of multiple types of deep sea fish, including cod, shark(!), and English whiting. It thankfully doesn't taste too fishy and, after 3 months of using it, we swear our hair has been growing faster and looking thicker. We've definitely been getting a ton of compliments on our locks lately!

Viviscal Hair Nourishment System, $42.49 for a one-month supply, available at

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High-Tech Detangler

If you're constantly in pursuit of silken strands, then this sleekening brush might be just the ticket. The battery-operated brush features active ion technology: Just flip a switch and a jet at the back of brush pumps active ions onto your hair, taming frizz and enhancing shine.

Braun Satin Hair Brush, $65, available at QVC.

Photo: Courtesy of Braun
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The Gray Hair "Cure"

A pill that gets rid of gray hair? Sounds too good to be true, right? Apparently not, as a company called Rise-N-Shine is now marketing a supplement they claim will not only prevent future gray hairs, but will eliminate the ones you already have. The pills contain catalase, an enzyme that's naturally found in our bodies. Catalase breaks down the body's natural production of hydrogen peroxide, which bleaches our hair from the inside out. As we get older, catalase production levels go down, causing hydrogen peroxide levels to spike, which results in silver strands. We feel like this is one of those products you have to keep taking in order for it to be effective — a pain in the butt for sure, but if you're desperate to get rid of gray, then this could be your cure.

Go Away Gray Dietary Supplement, $29.99, available at Walgreens.

Photo: Via Walgreens
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Botox For Hair

There's definite buzz around this new system, which has been dubbed "Botox for hair," thanks to its thickening properties. The at-home mask and in-salon treatment both feature Intra-Cylane, a molecule that identifies and attaches itself to areas of damaged keratin, then goes to work plugging and sealing these gaps. The end result is full, soft, velvety hair that lasts up to 10 washes.

L'Oréal Professionnel Fiberceutic System, $29 and up, L'Oréal Professionnel for salons.

Photo: Courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel
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Hair-Loss Antidote

Follicularly-challenged people of the world, rejoice! The FDA recently approved this odd-looking gadget to treat hair loss. It uses laser energy to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth. After 12 weeks of use, you'll purportedly see thicker, stronger hair. Science-fiction? Maybe, but we've heard of people doing weirder things in an effort to combat thinning hair. Hair in a can anyone?

Hairmax Lasercomb Premium, $495, available at Bliss.

Photo: Via Bliss