Genius Tricks To Hide A Mega-Hangover At Work

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
By Tara Fuller
Certain articles require in-depth research. And, that’s exactly what I reminded myself of when I embarked on a two-week drinking mission. (All in the name of health, of course.)
But, before we dive into my sleepless, headache-filled adventure, I’d like to explain myself — and also the motivation behind this article. First, this wasn’t exactly in the name of research. The idea came to life the morning after a late night of shuffleboard and spicy margaritas, when I openly announced my hungover state to the office. While I thought my bloodshot eyes and lack of energy were apparent, my coworkers disagreed. It appears I actually have a gift for pulling it together in the most unfortunate states.
What happened next was all my own doing. My boss didn’t demand that I chug beer every night (that’s far from how we function at Greatist!), but rather it was one of those weeks where social plans were aplenty and my willpower was a-lackin’. And, then it spilled over into week two.
Fortunately, my “research” paid off. Even though I suffered from hangover symptoms seven times in a two-week period, I made it through each day (mostly) undetected. In fact, I was pretty damn productive. And, you can be too — even if you took tequila shots the night before. Just follow these sneaky, science-backed tricks, and you’ll be a hangover-free, multitasking champion in no time.