5 Hilarious Wedding Hosts That Can Bring Life To Any Party

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Everyone appreciates a person that can crack a few jokes. A charming disposition and quick wit are especially handy at a wedding, where dozens of friends, family, and acquaintances are expected to sit through a full day of formalities together. This is why a great master of ceremony is the secret weapon for a successful big day: Tossing in appropriate humor here and there livens up the processions and will keep guests from being glued to their phones.
To show you how it should be done, we've rounded up a few star emcees that even you — a total stranger — can enjoy. Whether they are professional hires or a relative pulling double duty, these laugh-out-loud moments certainly made them crowd favorites. Ahead, heart-warming, spontaneous and downright outrageous wedding host moments that will make you chuckle.
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This husband-and-wife duo kicked things off with a cute safety demonstration mirroring the ones you see (and promptly ignore) during a flight. It's a fun way to remind everyone the directions to the restrooms, the wedding hashtag, and to all sign the guest book.
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The poor video quality here is excused by the hilarious "wrong speech" cold open. The lady — a cousin of the bride — then lays it on with a burn about her husband's performance in bed. She wraps things up with a humorous speculation about the guest who bought the cheapest wedding gift — and made sure to name names. Nicely done.
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These ladies won over the crowd by dressing alike and alternating words in the beginning of their emcee speech. They also followed up with a killer rendition from The Sound of Music. When in doubt, singing always helps perk up the crowd.
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There's no better way to break the ice than to start your speech half-naked — and with a striptease. Adult supervision is advised for this one!
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This bilingual host in Malaysia has a genius trick up his sleeve to get everyone all riled up: By making the newlyweds kiss for as long as the guests can hold their breaths while chanting and raising their glasses. (The epic kiss starts at 0:45)
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