The 30 Best Novelty Twitter Accounts

Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
Since its conception in 2006, Twitter has become the aggregate of all things #Internet. Sure, it's condensed our attention span to 140 characters, but, hey, that's just the nature of #life. News platforms thrive off of it, and celebrities are able to connect with their fans through it. But, Twitter also plays host to countless quick-witted, snarky, and tongue-in-cheek personalties guaranteed to get the people ROFLMAO.
From Beyoncé and Drake fan fictions to the daily musings of one cat, parody accounts are half — okay, three-quarters — of the reason why Twitter freakin' rules. (News, like actual, breaking news, is obviously very important, too.)
Knowing which accounts to follow and which accounts don't deserve a fave or retweet is a laborious process many simply don't have the time for. So, we did it for you. Follow these handles, memorize their jokes, and impress your friends with your cool humor. You'll be witty and with it! Score.