13 Great Cake Recipes That Celebrate Summer Fruit

Photo: Courtesy of Food 52.
by Emi Boscamp

In the summer, we eat fruit nonstop, trying desperately to take advantage of the short-lived bounty. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a big bite out of a peach and letting the juice drip gloriously down our chins, but when we want something more dessert-y, we turn to cakes. We know you love cake as much as we do — so we're bringing you this refreshed list of 13 of our favorite cake recipes, using the season's most beautiful fruit.

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Photo: Courtesy of Erin McDowell/Food 52.
Any-Fruit Upside-Down Cake
What's better than options? Make use of ANY leftover fruits with this easy recipe.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bob Vivant/Food 52.
Rhubarb-Almond Crumb Cake
You had us at rhubarb.
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Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra V. Jones/Food 52.
Strawberry-Balsamic Spoon Cake With Poppy Seeds
If you haven't tried this sensational combination yet, you haven't lived.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gena Hamshaw/Food 52.
Peach Crumble Coffee Cake
A classic cake infused with a tangy kick.
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Photo: Courtesy of JSCooks/Food 52.
Late-Summer Plum Cake
With September quickly approaching, take advantage of this recipe.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Jampel/Food 52.
Blueberry Cake With Peanut Streusel
This one can definitely pass for breakfast. Pair it with a cappuccino and get a sweet start to your day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Yossy Arefi/Food 52.
Cherry-Almond Crumb Cake
It's cherry season, y'all! Get 'em while they last.
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Photo: Courtesy of Savour/Food 52.
Simple Summer Peach Cake
Peaches and nutmeg make the perfect comfort cake.
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Photo: Courtesy of Merrill Stubbs/Food 52.
Marrion Burros' Plum Torte
This torte has a shelf life of an entire year when frozen — pack up and defrost when you're in need of a seriously delicious sweet, or eat in just one sitting. Either way, we won't judge.

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Photo: Courtesy of Genius Recipes/Food 52.
Brooke Dojny's Blueberry Snack Cake With Toasted Pecan Topping
If the array of textures doesn't get you on this one, we don't know what will.
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Photo: Courtesy of glutenfreegirl/Food 52.
Gluten-Free Peach & Brown Butter Buckle
Did someone say "brown butter"? Your tummy and your taste buds will thank you for this one.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kenzi Wilbur/Food 52.
Olive Oil Ricotta Cake With Plums
Everything's better with a little olive oil — cake included.

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