THIS Iconic European City Is Your Next Vacation

Florence might be on your list of places to visit, but if it's not — this video’s about to convince you to. And rightly so: this Italian city’s got a lot going for it. It appeals to a wide variety of tourists, travelers, students, and artists who flock to the picturesque town in droves. So amid all the hype, the recommendations, and the obsessive geo-tag searching on Instagram — it can be hard to pick the places you simply must not miss. That’s what we’re here for.
In our most recent installment of #60SecondCities, we’re taking you to Italia, baby! In this quick-hit video you’ll find everything you need to know for your from — from where to eat, where to hang, and what to see. Now that’s amore!
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You may feel like you already get what Florence is about. But, trust, you haven't seen it quite like this before. Watch this video (on repeat) for your ultimate Italian mood board.
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Il Locale (pictured)
A mind-blowingly historic multi-level space turned into one of the most modern, experimental restaurants in the city. With themed rooms (like the “blue” room, and the “red” room) that are each dazzlingly decorated, the scenery is enough to swoon over. Add a range of insane and bespoke cocktails and dishes and you’ve got yourself a meal worth splurging on.

Cucina Toricoda
It's Michelen-starred pizza. Yes, seriously. Fresh, ovenbaked, with amazing appetizers and of course, wine. This spot is a must-try.

La Managere
A hip and beautiful brunch (or lunch! or dinner!) spot, La Managere boasts a flower stand, a live pianist, and an open kitchen to boot.

Flo Lounge Bar
This popular club may seem run of the mill, but it has one of the craziest views of Florence around.

La Leggenda dei Frati + Giardino Bardini
This renowned restaurant and garden has (we know we keep saying it but it keeps being true) an insane view of the city below. Munch on gourmet snacks in the garden or splurge for a Michelen-starred meal inside.

Trattoria 13 Gobbi
A rustic yet hip restaurant with filling steak options and homemade pastas. You can’t go wrong here.

A relaxed riverside bar and club opens up to locals and visitors alike as the sun sets.

InFabbrica/Pampaloni Restaurant
A know-it-by-word-of-mouth locals-only haunt, this silversmith and restaurant (yes you read that right) is seriously underground and seriously cool. Watch jewelry come to life downstairs before popping upstairs for chef-prepared, family style meals.

OFF Bar Lago dei Cigni
Electronic music lovers will flock to OFF Bar, a large outdoor club in a park on a lake that has fast-moving bars and hosts movie nights.
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Officina Profumo Santa Maria Novella (pictured)
You’ll recognize the labels, the smells, and swoon over the space itself. One of Europe’s oldest pharmacies is still alive and well in this popular perfume, soap, and herbs shop.

Sculola del Cuoio
You’ll see a ton of homemade leather goods for sale while in Italy. This is the leather school where artisans from all over the world hone their craft and goods are for sale upstairs.

Boutique Nadine
A mix of vintage and new clothes makes this store of curiosities a fun place to stop by.

Palazzo Spini Feroni Ferragamo Museum
Under the Ferragamo flagship store, you’ll find an interactive museum detailing the designer’s impact on Florence and Florence’s impact on him. Whether or not you’ve got the funds for the famous shoes is no matter, this small and unique museum is worth a peek.

Albrici Vintage
For us, expensive price tags meant this treasure trove was more for looking than for buying but the threads in this well-stocked store are good enough for a fashion swoon.

Celeste Vintage
Reasonably priced vintage threads from top European designers. No you’re not dreaming, you’re just at this easy-to-shop store worth checking out.
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Il Salviatino (pictured)
You, someone you love, Tuscany, and one of the most jaw-dropping hotel properties we’ve ever seen. Sounds pretty nice, right? Book a night or two 15 minutes outside the city to really feel like Italian royalty.

Plaza Hotel Lucchesi
Rooftop pools are hard to come by in Florence. This one’s not only well located (with amazing and up close views of ancient churches) but it’s also got killer vino and dj’s to boot.

Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera Firenze
Enjoy an evening at the theater than the brand new Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera, which houses a state of the art theater and a wildly cool outdoor amphitheater on the roof.
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Renaioli (pictured)
Gondala rides aren’t just a “thing” in Venice. You can hitch a ride on the Arno river via “barchetto,” too. And, with sunsets this gorgeous, we’d highly recommend it.

Piazza Santo Spirito/Santo Spirito District
This is the block where the cool kids come to hang out for apertifs during sunset and stay well into the night. There are also some cool nearby vintage shops.

Palazzo Pitti and Giardino dei Boboli
Strolling the well-landscaped Boboli Gardens and Palazzo Pitti is a scenic and leisurely way to walk off the gelato you had after lunch.

Ponte Vecchio/Piazzale Uffizi/ Piazza della Signoria/ Palazzo Vecchio / Loggia dei Lanzi
To see Florence is to see these not-to-miss spots: Peruse jewelry and take in the view from the heavily foot trafficked Ponte Vecchio bridge; see all the art in the Uffizi museum; stop for the statue garden in the Piazzale Uffizi and Piazza della Signoria (there’s a replica of the statue of David here, too!).

Duomo, Battistero, Campanile, Piazza della Repubblica
These seriously awe-inspiring sites are world-renowned for a reason. We recommend taking an afternoon to tour these attractions together. And don’t get dismayed by the lines outside the Duomo — get timed tickets in the morning, and grab a sandwich for the wait.