Five Sisters, One Ultimate Bridal Photo Shoot

Weddings can be expensive affairs, whether you're just trying to keep your fete fun and frugal or jumping headfirst into the over-the-top nuptials of your childhood dreams. But for California's Walitsch family, there wasn't just one wedding to plan and pay for, there were five — one for each sister: Lindsay, Becky, Kelly, Cassie, and Jamie. (Side note: Do they make 529 savings accounts for weddings? Just wondering.)

Rightfully appreciative of their parents' generosity, the sisters decided to do something a bit extra-special to say thank you. One week after the final sister, Jamie, walked down the aisle, they gathered together with photographer Rachel Blackwell, who had documented both Jamie and Cassie's weddings, for a photo shoot featuring all five sisters together in their wedding dresses.

The sisters wanted the shoot to be "a small and fun way to thank our parents for supporting us and our marriages over the years," Cassie, who had initiated the concept, told BuzzFeed life. And — no surprise to anyone who has seen the adorable photographs that resulted — "the mother of the girls loved them," Blackwell said. "She ordered some big prints for her house."

See the fun family photos for yourself in the slideshow, ahead.
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Cassie (second from left) pitched the idea to photographer Rachel Blackwell about six months before Jamie’s (second from the right) wedding. The shoot was scheduled for just one week after Jamie's ceremony, when the bride and groom returned from their honeymoon.
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Each sister brought a framed photo from her wedding to the shoot.
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“They all helped zip each other up and were talking about their own wedding days,” Blackwell told BuzzFeed. “They were having all kinds of fun, while the husbands hung out at the house they got ready at and watched all the children."
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Each sister wore her wedding-day shoes — and yes, we are absolutely making personality guesses about each of the sisters based upon their chosen wedding footwear. It's science.
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The sisters hit a local Starbucks to show off their rings (and a little bit of pro-bono product placement).
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The sisters asked Blackwell to help them recreate the couch scene from a Season 4 Friends episode ("The One With All The Wedding Dresses") where Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe all don wedding dresses.
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And none of them could resist the chance to pose atop a vintage blue Chevrolet pickup truck.
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Jumping for joy, because they just knew the pictures would turn out amazingly and quickly become an internet sensation? Maybe. More likely, they were just having a great time spending the day together...and getting a second chance to don their wedding dresses. (Who says you can only wear it once?!)

"Never in my life would I have thought this shoot would reach so far!!" Blackwell posted on her Facebook page. "So fun for these sweet sisters."