4 Flawless Outfit Hacks For Working Out In The Cold

Who hasn't driven past the brave few training in the sub-cold sans parka, wondering, "Are they crazy?!" Keeping up with a steady workout regimen year-round is hard enough — finding motivation for exercising in the winter months is an entirely new game. Even the greatest fitness fanatics find themselves sliding into excuse territory come chilly weather and the thought of freezing your limbs off in a run is hardly motivation for leaving an evening wrapped in a duvet.

While your first instinct for an outdoor jaunt may be padding on the layers, that trick only works about as long as your warm-up does. Once you break into a run (or fast-paced walk, we don't judge), increased blood flow quickly turns your multilayered look from cozy to a constricting inferno. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that prove working out in cold weather doesn't have to be so terrible.

Ahead are four smart outfit fixes — think high-tech gloves and hot packs — that will give you one less reason to hit you snooze in the a.m. — and one more to combat the cold (and your workout) in style.
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The Over-The-Ear Headphones

The thin cartilage in your ears makes them one of the first victims to fall victim to the cold. While earmuffs and fleece-lined headbands are a go-to option for some, they can be a bit impractical — and uncomfortable — when it comes to keeping your earbuds in place underneath. For those who are dependent on their tunes during a workout, kill two birds with one stone by trading in your earmuffs for a pair of oversized headphones. Ones with a plush (and preferably leather) lining will help with heat retention; and ones that are fitted around the ear (we prefer over-the-ear vs. on-the-ear) will stay put, even as you're active. Plus, they make for a killer accessory for any athleisure look.
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The Foot Warmers

There's nothing worse than feeling — or rather, not feeling — your toes go numb mid-run. Doubling up on socks may sound like a great idea, but adding extra material can feel uncomfortable — and completely bulk up a tight-fitting training sneaker. The fix? Try running with foot warmers at the bottom of your shoes. If you're prepping to workout in harsher weather conditions, like snow or ice, and you're fitness shoe of choice is mesh (or a non-water resistant material), this secret is key to surviving. Just throw on a pair of thicker wool sweats (bonus points for pockets!) and a high-neck running top, and you're more than good to go.
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The Insulated Legging

Sporting long layers seems like a no-brainer, but choosing the right gear makes all the difference. Not all performance tights are suitable for cold-weather activities, so pick a pair that's fleece-lined or made from naturally sweat-wicking merino wool for a cozy base layer. Then, plan for sun with polarized shades, like this pair from Oakley — a year-round essential designed to block glare and UV rays. And finish with a sweatshirt that brightens up even the grayest winter day.
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The Lined Gloves

Similar to our ears, our fingertips can get chilly very easily, and being mindful of keeping them warm is essential. To do so, opt for gloves that are fleece- or wool-lined, giving your average pair of hand warmers an added layer of support. And since it's the 21st century, a pair of gloves is really only as good as its smartphone capabilities — so be sure to select a pair with e-tips, like this bright pair from The North Face. The yellow hue makes getting dressed to leave your apartment in the tundra so worth it — especially when the rest of your workout look coordinates just as perfectly.
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The Lightweight Vest

The rule of thumb when layering for cold weather workouts is "less is more." And by that, we mean less bulk, obviously. Focus on packing in the heat with a lightweight down vest that can easily be layered over a hoodie. Choosing an insulated, performance-enhanced version will keep you cozy — without feeling weighed down or overheated. Pop on some heat-retaining sweats and you'll forget just how chilly it is outside.