Swoon-Worthy Lobster Rolls To Feast Your Eyes On

It's a fact: Athena Calderone is a curator of all things gorgeous. Her breathtaking home decor, delicious recipes, and eye for style inspired her to create EyeSwoon, a hub for home and food inspiration. Now, It Girl Calderone will be taking us to New York's need-to-know spots and introducing us to the coolest people around.
Nothing epitomizes an east coast summer spent on the coastline more than a lobster roll. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until last summer, when I met Zach Lynd of Turf in Montauk, that I indulged in my first bite of one! Had it not been for my new friendship, I might have never taken that bite — lobster just didn’t call to me. So more than anything I would like to thank Zach for shifting my perspective and making me a diehard Turf fan….SWOON!!!
If a Lobster Roll characterizes summer on the Eastern shores, then Zach represents the quintessential laid-back surfer-chef you want to support as you step out of the water at Ditch Plains’ dirt lot. Zach is the real deal, creating swoon-worthy authentic food with love & integrity while supporting the local fisherman and farms Montauk has to offer.
Shifting gears here for a moment to the union of Zach & Kelly Framel. This summer has been a summer of love and creation for these two smoochers — which I feel proudly responsible for. This past winter Kelly, creator of The Glamourai and a major inspiring force behind the creation of EyeSwoon, stayed with me in my Amagansett home. Zach and Kelly, who happen to be Texan high school schoolmates, reacquainted around my firpit. And before I knew it, creative sparks were flying in the form of paint, pattern and hieroglyphics and their love was captured on the interior of Zach’s Turf Airstream.
These two have really created magic inside that truck, altering the walls from top to bottom with their hand painted iconography & hidden myths. Every time I am around Kelly, I am blown away by her raw talent. She’s my kind of girl — the kind who will go to every end to create homemade chalkboard paint, just so she can create a totem-surfboard menu (which she customizes daily). No matter what Zach has cooking inside that mobile kitchen, it’s amped up even more by Kelly’s creative touch.
I was crazy honored that Zach chose to share with me (and you!!!) the recipe for his famous Turf Lobster Roll. I personally had the BEST time inside that truck on a moody rainy afternoon — laughing, cooking and creating with two people whom I truly adore.
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
What was the initial spark behind creating Turf and how was it executed to become a reality?
"The thinking was, someone should take all these local ingredients and products and offer them on the beach..."

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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
"...no one was offering the type of food I wanted and there was a little spot that showed promise for a secret destination."
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
"I'm always dreaming up and working through different hospitality concepts, so sitting on the beach one day I found myself picturing that possibility. I mentioned it to a mentor (designer Matteo Bologna) at his office that next week and he loved it. We started working on it and it just evolved. He pushed me to make it reality, and here I am three years later."
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
Where did your love of food begin?
"My family. My father is an excellent cook and the executive chef of his own restaurant. Every night was family dinner at home and there was no excuse for not being at the table. But it definitely started with my French grandmother who passed down the importance and enjoyment of eating well and gathering the family around a shared meal. It's an integral part of the way I was raised."

Did you grow up eating lobster rolls?
"Far from it. You won't find a Lobster Roll anywhere near where I'm from. I grew up 40 miles from the Gulf, so a crayfish po-boy is about the closest thing you'd find to it." Mali Indigo Cloth. Bambu Disposable Plates.
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
Was creating a truck in a surf and beach community a goal for you?
"It was and it wasn't. In the hierarchy of things it was actually the East End's history of artists and the creative culture here that was my biggest draw. But I've lived in a lot of different places and I love immersing myself in new lifestyles and experiences. This was to be my beach and surf moment and I was definitely excited for it."
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
Always stocked in your fridge?
"I'd like to say champagne but more accurately it's probably my favorite tortillas that I have shipped up from Texas, several hundred at a time."

Ingredients you cook with and couldn't live without?
"I like the basics: good salt, good butter or oil and one or two good herbs."

Favorite meal to cook at home?
"I look for any excuse to make rack of lamb." RELATED: Amazing Avocado Toast
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
Can you and Kelly tell me about the inspiration behind the design and interior painting of the lobster truck?
"I found these pictures of interesting adobe type houses in what is probably West Africa. The exteriors of the houses are painted with rows of simple patterns and shapes. I just thought they were so interesting and really beautiful. I'm very into iconography and ancient story telling. So Kelly and I started in that direction and then really made it our own. The project took on a life of its own over the course of six wintery weeks and a lot of late, late nights spent painting together.We started drawing our own myths into it and inventing our own iconography — our own secret hieroglyphic language. Looking back, as much as we deviated, it still conveys the spirit of the original inspiration." Bambu Disposable Plates. Ball Mason Jars.
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
Kelly, can you tell me about the surfboard menu & your brilliant custom chalkboard paint concoction & recipe?
"Zach and I went down such a winding creative road in painting the inside of the truck, culminating in a totem I painted onto the door. It was the finishing touch to the interior, but I was suddenly hooked on painting totems! So, one day while Zach was at work, I sanded the wax off his old surfboard in our backyard and painted it using a mixture of house paint and unsanded grout. As with the interior, I freehanded the whole thing, keeping it fun and loose and imperfect."
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
What brought you to MTK initially?
"It wasn't until I moved here that my mom mentioned that we used to come up as a family when I was first born. We have another family that we have been close friends with for 5 generations and apparently I was 4 months old the first time we visited their Amagansett house. But my first memory of Montauk is much more recent. I was living in the city and scored an invitation out. That first time I drove the stretch into Montauk, it was over. I could feel it calling me."
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
Playful feeding frenzy amongst friends encouraged...ALWAYS!
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Photo: Chloe Crespi/Courtesy of EyeSwoon.
Incredible swoon-worthy day indeed!