Rebecca Minkoff Lets Us Inside Her Beautiful Showroom

It's a fact: Athena Calderone is a curator of all things gorgeous. Her breathtaking home decor, delicious recipes, and eye for style inspired her to create EyeSwoon, a hub for home and food inspiration. Now, It Girl Calderone will be taking us to New York's need-to-know spots and introducing us to the coolest people around.
Rebecca Minkoff is building a swoon-worthy and enviable fashion empire at a super speedy pace — and, with a loyal following! She took a few hours out of her very busy and super-structured day to invite EyeSwoon to snoop about her showroom and tour her favorite local décor and food haunts, Canvas and Haven’s Kitchen.
I met her three years ago at our friend Tali’s wedding in Tuscany. However, it wasn’t until shooting her for EyeSwoon that we really got to know one another, chit chatting girly style about life, love, babies, bags, fashion, design, and food.
As I entered the RM offices I was swooned by the bags lining the walls. The vibrant pops of color and texture instantly pulled me in! I was having one of those obsessive, “I’ll have one of this and two of that” type moments. I then took a step back and observed. I got a glimpse of the mechanics behind this powerhouse of a company: It's growing so rapidly they are expanding to an office double in size!
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Becky is ever-appreciative of her followers! "It's a very symbiotic relationship between me and my customer, I am inspired all the time by her and visa versa."
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On the expansion of her company: "I feel incredibly lucky to have built this brand and that we have such a loyal following."
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I watched Becky at work interacting with her girls, re-merchandising the showroom, and chatting up some buyers looking at the collection.

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What is your breakfast routine?
"Coffee, lots of it! With something healthy, such as Greek yogurt or a smoothie."

Guilty pleasure?
Croissants and flourless chocolate cake."

Something you constantly have stocked in your home?
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I snooped a peek at her back of house inspiration boards.
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All the while RM remained completely focused, poised, relaxed, and flashing her gorgeous smile for the EyeSwoon camera!
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Music currently on rotation at home?
"Edward Sharpe, Delta Rae, Adele, Van Morrison, Beirut."

Favorite restaurants for lunch, dinner, and brunch?
"Il Buco Alimentarai for dinner, for brunch I would have to say Peels and lunch is ABC Kitchen."

When you have a minute to yourself at home?
"Sleep! Or read."
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A moment on Becky's perfectly curated desk — easy to be inspired here!
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Loving the purple edging on RM's business cards, sitting alongside a collection of bracelets from her jewelry line.
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A design award, in the form of a sparkly bag, standing proud on Becky's desk.
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When my curious mind needed to know how organic her design process is, Rebecca laughed, ”Nothing in my life is organic, everything is scheduled within five minutes!”
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Rebecca is at the helm of designing an incredible ready to wear collection, one of the hottest handbag, shoe, and accessories lines, and has an adorable 11-month-old baby boy, Luca!
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"I used to work all the time, now I have a hard stop at 6 p.m. I make sure, with the exception of work events, that I am always with Luca at night or we roll out with him!"
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"Besides, little Luca is so adaptable and so fun to be out with, he is definitely a good party trick!"
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"When I travel I like to collect Italian staplers, colorful art, and turkish towels."
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This lovely lady has some killer legs!
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An Instagram moment en route to Haven's Kitchen. It's very evident though RM’s Instagram following that she has her finger on the pulse of social media and a direct link to connecting and communicating with not only her customer, but also today’s young and highly influential fashion bloggers.
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Haven’s Kitchen is a recreational cooking school and specialty food shop that I was completely unaware of. Thanks for the introduction, Becky!
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I can see why Rebecca loves this spot — beautifully designed in every fine detail. Haven’s Kitchen is dedicated to the preparation and enjoyment of delicious, sustainable, and seasonal food.

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If you can get your hands on one restaurant recipe what would it be?
"I have so many! The tikka masala at Tamarind, the whole wheat pasta at Cafe Fallai."

Something you would never eat again?
"Raw sea cucumber!"

What's your snack when you're working and can't break away?
"I am trying to snack on more fruits and veggies. As I get older, I just don't feel well with eating tons of crap. Plus, I'm still trying to lose the baby weight."
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Upstairs Haven's Kitchen offers classes and an event space. Swooning over this black art wall!
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I loved the event space. Simply designed with Serge Mouille lighting, white brick walls, and eclectic decor, coupled with mid century danish stools.
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The shelves are lined beautifully with kitchen staples. We chatted about taking a class here together.
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"I don't sleep much so I tend to guzzle down coffee a lot!"
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Canvas is just down the block from the RM showroom and an absolute favorite. Rebecca revealed she covets many items here for her home and particularly loves their dinner ware.

Moment in the decor of your home that you are proud of?
"My DIY lamp! We liked the shade, but not the chain so I wove a new chain for it!"
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Anything in your home that's been handed down?
"My mom's silverware."

Something you know you want to hand down to Luca?
"Our old record player."

Something in your house that looks luxe but isn't?
"The couch from Organic Modernism."

Host gift that you like to give?
"A good cheesecake."
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An array of wood bowls and cutting boards, perfect for Becky's notorious guacamole and salads — the two dishes she makes most often! I can attest to her famous guacamole as she made it at my house this past summer, so good!

Quick tip for easy entertaining?
"You can do a lot with little, I love picking up random goodies from my local farmers market, and throwing it together, I tend not to be too precious about cooking, just make it with love."

What would people would probably be surprised that you like? "I secretly like some very cheesy pop songs, and sometimes my husband catches me singing Britney Spears or Maroon 5. Also, Fifty Shades Of Grey!"
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Besides Canvas, Rebecca's fave home stores are Anthropologie "for knick knacks," and ABC Home: "I LOVE it there!" RM prefers candles with no scent in her home and considers peonies her favorite flower. "For my home, I splurge on pillows."
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Getting cosy at Canvas!

What pieces do you treasure the most in you own home?
"My John Robshaw pillows, the many frames that I got at thrift stores and spray painted in bright colors, my Madeline Weinrub rug, and our vintage 'man' chest."

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