Found! The Ultimate DIY Light For Your Space

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    It's a fact: Athena Calderone is a curator of all things gorgeous. Her breathtaking home decor, delicious recipes, and eye for style inspired her to create EyeSwoon, a hub for home and food inspiration. Now, It Girl Calderone will be taking us to New York's need-to-know spots and introducing us to the coolest people around.

    I suppose I consider myself a woman who wears many hats. I believe in my design abilities, trust my palette & kitchen skills, do my best at being a loving and conscious parent, and certainly have success in marriage.

    But, one thing I never thought I’d tackle is electrical work! That said, I did recently build and wire a lamp! Always up for a learning adventure, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience thanks to Lindsey Adelman’s step by step instructions. It’s genius really: a chandelier built entirely out of stocked brass lamp parts! The design possibilities are endless.

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    I have seen many interpretations of this chandelier: first at Ruschmeyers in MTK, again on Remodelista, and at One Girl Cookies in Dumbo. I was inspired to create my own version for the master closet in my new apartment!

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