8 DIY Beauty Products For Amazing Skin On The Cheap

home_remedies_slide1Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Last week, I finally redeemed a birthday present for a facial at a New York spa. It was the kind of luxurious hour that I live for, but rarely indulge in due to the high price tag. In between visits, I rely on various popular beauty products from different brands — ones that I've read about or that have been recommended to me by friends. But, in spite of rave reviews, I'm not convinced that any of them have made a huge difference in my skin.
What has made a difference are DIY beauty treatments made from ingredients in my own pantry and fridge. To wit: If it's an all-over body-itching dryness I'm trying to slough off, I'll add two cups of colloidal oatmeal to a lukewarm bath and soak for at least twenty to thirty minutes. The calming properties of the oatmeal will soothe and soften my troubled skin. Not to mention that it costs nearly nothing.
If it's dry skin on the face that's a problem, this recipe from StyleCraze involving a papaya and an avocado does the trick. It might feel kind of weird at first to paint on a homemade fruit paste, but it's so hydrating, you'll quickly make it a regular part of your upkeep. Another solution to dry facial skin involves a combination of rose water and honey. A small teaspoon of the sweet stuff mixed with about the same amount of calming rose water will not only hydrate the face, but cleanse it as well. Rose water is, in fact, an ingredient in many luxury beauty products, and it's really inexpensive to purchase by itself. So, try throwing some love to your pantry before you stock up at Sephora.
And of course, when in doubt, slather coconut oil on the problem.
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DIY Anti-Aging Serum
2 tsp jojoba oil
1 tsp coconut oil
3 tsp apricot kernel oil
3 tsp rosehip seed oil
1.5 tsp beeswax pastilles
8-10 tsp rose-water
For the full instructions, click here.
DIY Eye Makeup Remover
Distilled water
Castile soap
Olive oil
For the full recipe, click here.
home_remedies_slide2Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
DIY Foot Scrub
approx. 11/2 cups sea salt
1/2 cup almond oil (or olive oil, if you prefer)
1-2 tsp. lemon zest
1 lemon
3-4 drops of peppermint oil (or essential oil of your preference)
Click here for the full recipe.
DIY Dry Scalp Scrub
Brown Sugar
Almond Oil
Make Your Own Lipstick
1 tsp beeswax pastilles
1 tsp shea butter or cocoa butter
1 tsp coconut oil
1/8 teaspoon of beet root powder
For the full instructions, click here.
Facial Exfoliator
Baking soda
Olive oil
Get the full recipe here.
DIY Facial Cleansers
Click here for the best facial cleansers that, unbeknownst to you, have been sitting in the fridge and pantry all along, waiting for a snowy day.
Make Your Own Moisturizing Mask
Check out this video from beauty guru Michelle Phan for her step-by-step instructions on making your own honey & cinnamon mask.
If you're stuck in a skincare rut, one inexpensive way to change up your beauty routine is to shop your pantry. Some of the most effective natural beauty treatments can be made from food you already have in your kitchen!
Click here for 10 ways to get that "just went to the spa" glow for much, much less.
Organic Mandarin Honey Lemon Salve
For a video on how to make your own lip balm, click here.

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