9 Aromatherapy Fix-Its You're Gonna Love

The power of scent is inarguable — the smell of magnolia blossoms on a spring day, the crisp scent of a pine forest, and freshly baked bread all evoke thoughts and feelings. All trigger our olfactory senses which can calm, energize, or alter our moods to help us stay focused or get creative.
Aromatherapy is an age-old practice of harnessing the power of scent with essential oils and plant extracts to heal and help our bodies. While basic essential oils can work wonders, blending them pumps up their effects and can yield super-effective results. Playing around with oils once you have a bit of an education is so much fun — part magic, part science — and you can create custom blends for nearly any situation, from seduction (hello, Cleopatra) to easing digestion (not as sexy, but useful!). Of course, check your symptoms with your doctor first, since these aren't meant to treat or heal what ails you.
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PMS Relief
That time of the month doesn't need to be an Extra-Strength Motrin bonanza. Natural oils like clary sage, rose otto, and geranium, applied topically in an oil blend, can soothe symptoms like cramps, mood swings, and fluid retention naturally.

Cold And Flu Blend
This long, yucky winter has left nearly everyone with a sniffle or a tickle. Blend three drops each of eucalyptus, lemon, and pine essential oils into a carrier oil (like jojoba) for a decongesting mix that bears antiviral and lung-clearing properties.
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Get Some Zzzs
Seeking sleep relief? There are a huge array of essential oils with sleep-inducing power, lavender being the most well-known. But chamomile and marjoram, often thought of as culinary herbs, also hide sleepytime secrets in their essential oils.
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Bust Stress
Deadlines, headlines, kids, and more — our day-to-day lives can put us under lots of stress. Toting around a personalized blend of stress-busting oils is one way to get a hold on stress and introduce more calm. Lavender, vetiver, bergamot, and frankincense oils all bear stress-relieving properties.
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Clear Up Your Skin
The antimicrobial properties of tea tree and oregano oils, as well as the scar-fighting power of evening primrose oil make for a potent acne-clearing essential oil blend. Determining your skin type can help you pick the right carrier oil, which can make a big difference in effectiveness.
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Get In The Mood
Igniting passion with oils is something ancient civilizations have done for centuries using essences like neroli, rose, and patchouli to spark the fires of romance. Blending them into a massage oil is a surefire way to heat things up.

Cut The Caffeine
That 3 p.m. coffee habit could be a thing of the past. Energizing oils which boost circulation and lift your spirits include rosemary leaf oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, and ginger. Blended into a carrier oil or cream, they can work wonders that even your Venti latte can't promise.

21 Drops Travel Well
If home-blending isn't your thing, essential oil blends are also available in tons of different formulas. This trio of rollerball tubes features a sleep aid, digestion helper, and immunity blend, perfect for frequent business travelers or those setting off on a whirlwind vacation.

Pamper Your Skin
MAC's nourishing blend of chamomile and grapefruit essential oils heals, soothes, and calms irritated skin.

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