The 5 Best Things To Eat In NYC, Straight From Bon Appétit's Art Director

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    On the short list of webby girl crushes, Elizabeth Spiridakis definitely sits on top. The curly-haired brainchild behind Feels Like White Lightning first enraptured us with her swoon-worthy throwback style, but her Instagram snaps of '90s doodads and well-dressed selfies have since made her one of the most exciting people in our photo feed. Throw in her current gig as Bon Appétit's Art Director and that Ernie keychain hanging off the side of her Proenza bag, and she's quickly becoming our go-to gal for ideas on everything from interior design books to teeny-tiny plush toys.

    With a penchant for rocking Miu Miu kicks with clashing tights and patterned vintage dresses like it ain't no thang, we had to find out where Elizabeth gets her grub on while rocking those unbelievable looks. And, from an unexpected order at one of our favorite bagel joints to a dish with sea urchin butter, her one-of-a-kind picks don't disappoint. Take a peek, and find out why this super-cool chick is taking a stand against all those fancy, shmansy hipster coffee shops. (Triple ristretto hand-pulled whatever-whatever? Not for this girl.)

    Photo: Kelly Campbell

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