The Lazy Girl's Guide To Holiday Gifts

It's never been easier to be a lazy girl during the holidays. With online shopping and free delivery, you can cross every name off your list from the comfort of your couch. But, there are always those last-minute events that sneak up on you: a White Elephant party with your college friends, Secret Santa with your desk mates at the office, or a potluck dinner where a gift exchange is implied. With so much on our plates already, we don't really have time to deviate from our workday commute. But, those very spots you frequent every day hold the answer to your just-under-the-wire holiday shopping needs — all you need to do is look closely.
Yes, it is possible to go about your day, as you normally would, and pick up gifts along the way. Order a printed mug from Starbucks with your morning latte. Need toner for the office? Grab a couple of Cynthia Rowley pouches on your way to the checkout line. Just because they're convenient doesn't mean these gifts are any less awesome. Ahead, check out 20 holiday hacks that'll make the season much less stressful.
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Picking up some pens/post-its/paper? Oh, look: a handy planner for your friend. She'll never miss a coffee date again.
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You just finished a Taylor Swift-themed ride, and remembered you have a potluck to go to. Don't fret — your favorite cycle studio is also the purveyor of D.L. & Co. candles, which come in sleek gift boxes that require no wrapping.
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While you're grabbing another sports bra or some tennis balls for your weekly match, take note: The sneaker that was spotted at fashion weeks across the globe will surely make any style lover on your list a very happy camper.
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Office-supply stores aren't just for manila folders. The ability to tune out the world around you is probably the greatest gift anyone could give.
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A French press makes any kitchen look far more high-end — even though it's probably the easiest way to make coffee in the morning. Do a solid for the coffee-lover in your life by upgrading their at-home caffeine game. And, get yourself a latte while you're at it.
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This versatile pouch can be anything you want it to be: a pencil case for your younger sibling, a makeup bag for your best friend, or a clutch for yourself. At this price point, you may as well pick up a couple.
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Best Buy teamed up with Isaac Mizrahi, Nanette Lepore, and Anna Sui to bring you a collection of tech accessories that'll make crossing names off your shopping list a breeze. This iPad mini not only has a hard shell; it stands on itself. Plus, it sparkles without the hassle of real sequins. Just don't forget the charger you came in here to buy in the first place.
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Shake Shack isn't just for lunch. It's also in the business of making customers happy. First, they brought back the crowd-favorite crinkle fries after a brief hiatus. Then, they teamed up with Brooklyn-based Mast Brothers to bring you a special-edition dark chocolate bar "with complex, earthy notes of cranberry and cinnamon." What's not complex: the fact that everyone on your list will love it.
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This adorable notepad from Rifle Paper Co. will give your loved ones the energy boost to actually cross things off their to-do lists.
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Glass meets bamboo meets Orla Kiely's signature floral pattern; you've got one luxe water bottle anyone would be thrilled to unwrap. You may have gone to Target for laundry detergent, but we wouldn't blame you if you emerged with a few of these beauties — for friends and for yourself.
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Stock up on a year's worth of paper towels and candied nuts while also picking up a stainless steel watch that will wow your giftee.
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While you grab your free tea sample on your way back to the office, step into David's Tea and pick up a nice assortment for a gift. This particular collection brings together some of the brand's 12 best blends of the year, including a preview of its upcoming Yogi Berry flavor for January.
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Holiday shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond? It's exactly what Ilana and Abbi would want you to do. Plus, this gradient salt-and-pepper-shaker set is quite the adult gift: Nothing says "I've got my life together" like stoneware dining accessories.
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This magnet set is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, who doesn't want their usual In-N-Out order on their fridge? On the other, every time your friend needs to grab some milk, he or she might be disappointed that there isn't a burger waiting for them in that fridge, too.
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Don't be fooled by the size of this speaker: This portable Jambox doesn't hold back on the bass, and will connect to your music device via Bluetooth in a 33-foot radius. And, because it's so compact, you can simply carry it in your work tote or bag. Radio Shack is no stranger to gadgets that are small but mighty.
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While you're waiting for your breakfast smoothie, help your friends get a head start on their New Year's Resolutions: With a bunch of snacks and a $25 Juice Press gift card, this gift bucket has all the makings of a healthy 2015.
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Stopping by Kmart to replenish your Swiffer? Don't forget the baker in your life. Gift him or her a metal dessert carrier with latches to prevent any unfortunate cake-tumbling. Plus, it's coated to make cleanup as easy as pie. You're bound to get some baked goods as a thank-you, right?
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When you really, truly can't figure out what your loved one wants, go for the most important being in his or her life: the pet. This tiered toy will keep your friend's cat entertained for hours on end, which will surely make Fluffy's owner happy, too.
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Grab the perfect gift for your friend's White Elephant party on your morning coffee run.
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For the literary in your life: One of Roald Dahl's favorite chocolate truffle brands, in adorably festive packaging.
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Oh, what a wonderful world it would be.

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