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Holy Chic! Check Out These Designer Nun Habits We Totally Want To Wear

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    It's safe to say that as far as fashion goes, nuns get kind of a bad wrap. Their clothing is shapeless, their hats are kind of kooky (although The Flying Nun's coif looks like it could have been worn to the royal wedding) and, to put it lightly, we don't think they'd be walking the runway anytime soon. Well, Mother Mary Magdalene of the new Anglican Catholic order decided to take things into her own hands. She got together with JF & Son, as well as artist Julia Sherman to create an entire wardrobe for her new order that's — dare we say it? — extremely chic. According to a recent article Mother Mary did with T Magazine , "Every order has to have a distinct [habit] designed by the foundress, and you're not supposed to copy anyone else." Plus, it turns out that the only real requirements for the garment is that it must be "modest and made of natural materials" — not that it must be bland and shapeless. The result was a collection of long, flowing dresses, and cute, cropped pants that are totally NYC cool — and totally nun-approved. We're calling this the chicest way to gain some extra points with the big guy. Yup, this is collection will definitely get you on Saint Peter's list into heaven.

    Click through to see the breathtaking collection for yourself, and score some at JF & Sons starting tomorrow (just in time for Christmas)!

    Photo: Courtesy of JF & Son

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