Add Handmade Charm To Your Digs With DIY Leather Cabinet Pulls

Grace Bonney, one of the most wildly known influencers in the crowded design blog space, is talented enough to make upholstery sound thrilling. And, after founding Design Sponge in 2004 to inspire even the most latent DIYers to give their stencils some play, she's bringing her singular perspective to R29.
Julia and I spent what felt like 10 years in Ikea over the holiday break, so I’ve had furniture and hardware on my mind for a while now. What I love most about their furniture is the way it feels like a blank canvas just waiting for customization. I’m taking a break from painting furniture (I can never get it to be as smooth as I want), but I’m still working on custom hardware and pulls. Last year Amy and I each took a crack at making our own leather cabinet pulls and they’ve been my most successful DIY hardware project yet. I never got around to photographing them for a post, so I was happy to hear from Steven Soria of Make Smith Leather Co. who recently collaborated with Stacy and Rick of Love, Oliver and Michelle on some simple but beautiful DIY Leather Drawer Pulls.
About a year ago, Stacey designed a credenza and her husband Rick’s dad built it for them as a moving-into-their-new-place gift. Although the knobs originally chosen worked just fine, they weren’t “perfect.” So, Steven, Stacey and Rick put their heads together and came up with a solution that would match with their style — leather pulls! I love the little details and how they add some softness to the overall piece. Thanks so much to Steven, Stacy, and Rick for sharing their how-to with us! xo, grace
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Photo: Stacy Millet/Courtesy of Design Sponge.
Get prepped: You can find leather scraps from leather shops, most fabric stores by the yard, or by using an old belt. Real leather will look the best and age nicely.

Leather belt or leather scraps
12 inch ruler
Scissors or X-ACTO knife
Nail to create hole (or use and awl or leather hole punch)
Screws to fit original hardware including washer and nut
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Photo: Stacy Millet/Courtesy of Design Sponge.
How-To Steps
1. Remove your original hardware and use the length of the holes for a measurement guide, for new placements measure to taste. Allow for slight overlap.

2. Cut strips of leather or belt by using sharp scissors or X-ACTO knife (recommend for a cleaner line). At this point, add whatever design elements you want. At the ends, we cut-out an arrow-tail shape.

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Photo: Stacy Millet/Courtesy of Design Sponge.
3. Next, punch the hole. Use a hammer and nail (or an awl or adjustable leather punch like the one in our photo). A professional leather hand hole puncher can be purchased at a craft store.
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Photo: Stacy Millet/Courtesy of Design Sponge.
4. Lastly, thread your screws into leather hole and then through your drawer or cabinet. Fasten with your washer and nut. Make sure it is secure, then tighten the backing nut with pliers.

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