The Coziest Reading Nooks You've Ever Seen

Photo: Courtesy of Design Milk.
Just because your space is super small doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a cozy little nook for yourself that you can curl up and read a good book in. Whether it’s under the stairs, in an attic, or built within a window, there are plenty of options to give you that comfy space you’re looking for. Sit back and gaze at five of our favorites.
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Photo: Courtesy of Åke E:son Lindman/Design Milk.
This New York City loft, designed by Martin Raffone LLC Interior Design, has a long and narrow profile, but with clever design tricks, it’s full of areas to kick back and relax. Check out this reading corner in the bedroom that’s situated on a raised landing that leads to the bathroom.
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Photo: Courtesy of Design Milk.
Architect David Hotson turned this vaulted top floor space into a modern bedroom where one side has an alcove bed situated under a wedged space that extends up to the attic. Perfect for reading your favorite book.

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Photo: Courtesy of David Engelhardt/Design Milk.
Remember this tiny reading nook tucked away in a 240-square foot, New York City apartment? Tim Seggerman made the most of every nook and cranny he could find in the Upper West Side studio.
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Photo: Courtesy of Design Milk.
Built within the Mapledene Road house, designed by Platform 5 Architects, a glass box juts out from the structure creating a dreamy, sun-filled window seat for you to get your read on.

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Photo: Courtesy of Paul Dyer/Design Milk.
From San Francisco-based Siol, this hidden, plush rug-covered reading nook waits behind a door with a molded plywood platform that’s similar to the curve of a skateboard ramp.

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