10 Instagram Accounts That Serve Up Major Career Inspiration

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
By Joyce Novacek

Instagram can be a fountain of inspiration (albeit, an addictive fountain), so I’m always on the lookout for new accounts to follow. My feed was initially littered with lovely travel and style snaps, but I recently made a conscious effort to add some career inspiration to the mix!
Click through to see 10 of my favorite Instagram accounts for career inspiration.

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Photo via @leaninorg.
Lean In (@leaninorg)
Lean In is a fun, feminist account showcasing a myriad of successful women and motivating quotes to encourage you to push yourself in your career. (It might also inspire you to read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In if you haven’t already — I recommend it!)
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Photo via @levoleague.
Levo (@levoleague)
Levo is dedicated to helping you navigate your career path and find passion in your work. Its pretty Insta features motivating quotes, snaps, and thought-provoking career questions which often lead to fruitful conversations in the comments section.

Levo League featured Katherine Hague on its website and Instagram account, a woman who started Female Funders, a website dedicated to helping women begin angel investing.
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Photo via @jessclively.
Jess Lively (@jessclively)
Jess’s account offers pretty snaps and inspiration for living a life filled with intention. She shows that an intentional life can lead to an intentional career by interviewing many different amazing women in her podcast, The Lively Show, which she highlights frequently on her Instagram feed. The women (and some men) she interviews grace her feed, where she shares inspiring tidbits about their personal journeys and career paths.

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Photo via @fastcompany.
Fast Company (@fastcompany)
Fast Company’s feed provides educational posts that help grow your knowledge of the business world. Follow along to stay on top of up-and-coming businesses and inspiring women and men in business!

This particular post highlights how Facebook, Twitter, and social media sites have taken on e-commerce as their next big frontier. But are we ready to love the "buy" button?
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Photo via @emilyley.
Emily Ley (@emilyley)
Emily Ley is a small business owner, mother, and creator of stationery and paper goods (including the famous Simplified Planner) designed specifically for women who are trying to do it all. If you’re a mom, a small business owner, or just feel like you’re constantly balancing a million things, check out her joyful feed.
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Photo via @entrepreneur.
Entrepreneur Magazine (@entrepreneur)
If you’ve ever dreamt of starting your own company, you must follow Entrepreneur Magazine! It shares #EntrepreneurFaces from a wide variety of industries — the stories might even give you the push you need to take the leap and get started with your entrepreneurial idea!

Entrepreneur Magazine ran a profile on Emily Weiss in its September 2015 issue, highlighting her skin-care line, Glossier, and spoke about her success in marketing to younger women today.
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Photo via @maryorton.
Mary Orton of Memorandum (@maryorton)
I couldn’t resist including an account bursting with professional style inspiration. Mary Orton is the blogger behind Memorandum (formerly known as The Classy Cubicle) who showcases feminine, professional looks that are anything but boring! Even if you’re currently content with your career, you can look to Mary to help spruce up your working wardrobe.

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Photo via @businessinsider.
Business Insider (@businessinsider)
Simply put, this account makes me feel smarter. From solid career-focused book recommendations to fascinating factoids to political coverage, Business Insider’s Instagram feed makes me more confident in my base understanding of the corporate world.

This is just one of the many infographics Business Insider posts on its Instagram to help readers with everyday tasks.
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Photo via @bosseduporg.
Bossed Up (@bosseduporg)
Bossed Up is all about helping women beat burnout and create sustainable, fulfilling careers. Now there’s a movement I can get behind! Its feed also highlights career workshops.
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Photo via @careercontessa.
Career Contessa (@careercontessa)
Of course, this list would not be complete without my go-to account for daily career inspiration! Career Contessa highlights strong women and inspirational quotes that will empower you to make moves in the workplace. I’ll double tap to that!

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