The Details Of This Bengali Wedding Are Unbelievably Gorgeous

Nadia and Theo had a traditional Bengali Holud and a gorgeous wedding as well. I can’t even imagine planning two large events like that, but as you’ll see in the slideshow ahead, Nadia and Theo’s celebrations were perfect!

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Nadia describes what this wedding entails: "The holud ceremony is a traditional Indian blessing ceremony. The word 'Holud' means yellow. That's why they put turmeric paste on our faces (it’s supposed to give you a glow on your wedding day.) We are fed fruit and sweets by everyone — for a lifetime of love and prosperity."

Photographer: Altar Image Photography
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The holud typically occurs one or two days before the religious wedding ceremony.
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The bride is given henna by the groom's family.
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Nadia, the bride, receives help from friends and family to put on her elaborate holud dress.
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For the holud, Nadia's parents actually built the altar by hand, and her mother decorated it with her own saris and flowers.
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Guests of the holud give the couple gifts, like jewelry and sweets.
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Jewels, bright colors, and painted henna prove that more is more.
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Nadia and Theo below a string of lights, showing off a beautiful night.

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